I want to let go of long hair
 Eternal Feminine fashion: long hair, silky and shiny ... In fact, so many difficulties for the hair is going to become long, we decide on a hairstyle. At the same time there is another solution.

Can you let go of the hair, keeping them soft and shiny to the tips? You can, under two conditions: mitigation and food.

And a little more patience.

Our hair grows an average of 1, 5 cm for the month. In order to make them long enough - about 30 cm - to wait, thus almost two years.

After the growth of the hair follicles, it - this is the hair - from the outside - "dead", there is no living cells. A tip of the thirty cm long has an age of 2 years, that is two years he carries, drying, styling, sun, dirty city air, with nothing inside to counter this and recover. And he does not have anything to help slow down the process of their own aging.

So, to care for long hair, it is necessary to act in two directions: oxygenates the scalp and "fix" the ends of the hair.

The scalp: stimulation.

The beauty of the hair comes from healthy and well-groomed scalp. To stimulate circulation need to:

1) Gently and slowly combing his hair in all directions, making no sudden gestures, so as not to break the capillary fiber or scratch the skin. A good brush - natural bristle. Or small balls on the ends.

2) Lowering her head down, massaging her fingertips to put down, they move the scalp. This is a matter of one minute, but is very, very effectively, to stimulate circulation.

3) Choose a good shampoo. Shampoo is selected for the scalp, not the ends. OK to have a little dry at the ends of long hair - it's not a question of the nature of your hair. We must pay more attention to the roots.

Hair care:

At least once a week should be carried out for the complete care of hair, which compensates for the difficulties that fell to their lot in a week.
Dull and entangled hair needs, such as the extract of cedar and skein polymer - gel texture, non-greasy, with a wonderful smell, which can be bought in the cosmetic department. ("Cedar gel")

Jojoba oil   - It may be a natural protection for the hair It can be used after washing, applying uniformly to the hair to the tips. Why jojoba? Because it is structurally close to the element that our body produces naturally - sebum - is this element is not enough for long hair, because it does not achieve their ends.

Jojoba oil is not heavy and does not pull the hair to the ground, provided that you do not put too much on his mind. The right gesture: a few drops of oil to squeeze his hand, bask in the palm of your hand and then easily hold his hand through his hair. In addition, the jojoba oil has a light protection HC (index 5). You can buy it in pharmacies in pure form and in the bio-shops.

You have to be careful with prejudices.   Trim the hair - it's not that cut branches of a tree - it does not give the hair more than the blossoming forces. Undercut the branch of the tree remains alive and gets more sap. But the hair is dead and it will not change its constitution when it cut off the tip at the same time gives a fresh haircut and a modern view because konchiki- cross sections cut and dry beauty was not added. It's like cutting off a piece of cloth that looked like a fringe.

David Lucas, Rene Furterer Institute in Paris:

Grow hair - it does not mean never cut them. It is necessary to cut the section of the end, especially with weak fine hair. Curly hair deteriorate faster than the hair straight and smooth, which protect each other with each other

A good rhythm for trimming the ends - every three months, with the hope that they grow up to 1 cm per month. Cutting off 1 cm every three months, subject to two fresh, just grown a centimeter. The bigger the hair the same length, the better they protect each other from external influences. But today there is no fashion exactly cropped hair. It remains one solution to grow long hair - beautiful tapering.

Caution: Artificial curls.

Technique is this: on the head at the root of the hair makes the knot to tie artificial curl. This lock is fixed dots of glue that dries, shrinks to be imperceptible to the touch. At first this seems uncomfortable, but gradually get used to the owner of curls. But in fact hair is discomfort that makes it more brittle. Many hairdressers say that this technique spoils the hair.