My spit - my wealth!
 Hair adorn a woman, no doubt. Especially when they are thick, shiny, and, as they say, "are poured down like silk." Besides, beautiful hair is not only beautiful, because they fulfill certain safety features in the summer to protect an important part of our body from overheating, and in winter - from hypothermia.

It is worth more and take into account the opinion izoteriki that hair - a kind of antenna, through which we perceive the energy of the cosmos, this energy drives and transmitters, allowing exchange of information with the outside world (remember the Biblical legend of Samson and Delilah). But even if you do not take into account the esoteric component, it is clear that the hair - beautiful and healthy birth - that wealth, generous gift, which awarded us the nature.

That's just keep this gift and carry through the years, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds! Part of it is natural causes, but in many ways, and because of their own negligence, laziness, lack of necessary knowledge and extravagance.

What we have - we do not store, lost - we cry ...
Unfortunately, the hair healthy and beautiful, we pay for their care quite a bit of attention, but various experiments with color change unduly often clutching his head (literally) only when the hair starts to split, crack, fade, thin and other.

Frequent bleaching, coloring, perms, varnishes, curling, just rough combing and drying in a hot dryer - this is not a complete list of external causes gradual deterioration of the hair. To this can be added the impact of the direct rays of the bright sun, wind, and environmental factors - the state of water and air in most regions are far from ideal.

In addition to external factors, which could affect the condition of hair, there are domestic - in the first place, this poor diet, hard diet, harmful habits (smoking, alcohol), lives in conditions of prolonged stress, chronic disease, hormonal changes, heredity, etc.

 My spit - my wealth!
 Yes, not everything is in our hands, we can not influence the composition of chromosomes, make the time to go back, close all harmful businesses in your area, but we can gentle care, timely treatment, healthy lifestyle to save our hair a lot of trouble, to prevent the emergence of many problems.

Well, if the problem still occurred, you should try to do everything best to remedy the situation, it can be difficult, but in most cases possible.

The task: to restore and save!
Hair Restoration often requires time and effort, and material costs. The easiest case - if the damage affected only the outer level of the hair (the bar), and do not sprout damaged area. These external damage to the hair, of course, very spoil the appearance of the hair, but if you do not aggravate their condition its further actions, after some time there will be restoration, regrowing new hair, damaged ends will be cut, and all will come back to normal.

Worse, if there has been a violation of the functions of the sebaceous glands, and for some reason (the nervous system, bacterial or fungal defeat) is a violation of the evacuation of sebum, that is, there is seborrhea, oily or dry. At the same time osalivaniem (in the case of greasy seborrhea) or the appearance of hair dry dandruff (dry seborrhea) and circulatory disorders occur in the root zone, which often leads to hair loss. In this case, without the help of a good specialist can not do, and even shampoos for special purposes can not only provide the desired action, but on the contrary exacerbate the problem. For dandruff, as such, it can be a symptom of various diseases of the scalp, not only fungi, but also a variety of dermatitis, and other vitamin deficiency. So, the same approach to this problem is often not working.

Expert help is required if you paid attention to the increase in the number of hair falling out per day (more than 100 hairs a day), for no apparent reason. Hair loss may be the first sign of serious disorders in the body Do not miss it.

In all other cases, to improve the condition of hair, you can activate regenerative processes and in-house with the help of an effective hair cosmetics or proven by centuries of folk remedies and methods.

Solid reputable companies - such as Loreal, Londa, Schwarzkopf, Wella, Lebel, Kanebo, Living Nature, Selective, offer a variety of very high quality assets for the care, rehabilitation, restoration and preservation of the hair allowing for the types of hair - conditioners and hair masks, serum and vitamins for the hair.

In recovery mode,
During the period of improving work with hair, it is desirable to install them gentle treatment - at least for a time to give up anything that harmed their state, ie not dry your hair with hot hair dryer, do not stack with hot tongs, do not use styling with a strong fixation, chemical paints, etc. Even such mundane procedures like washing the hair and combing'll get carefully and cautiously.

Shampoo firstly must match the type of hair, and secondly, it is desirable that a part of its inputs: the B vitamins, ceramides, lecithin, and plant extracts: jojoba oil, chamomile, a peach, almond, avocado, wheat germ, sage , Plantago. Water for washing the hair should be soft, or even boiled. Previously we recommended to rain, but now due to the state of the environment this advice is not suitable.

 My spit - my wealth!
   Before washing hair combed the sure that they are less confused during the procedure, dry, and especially colored hair do a ten-minute scalp massage, rubbing with the burdock, castor, flax or hemp oil. Shampoo, many experts recommend to apply twice during the first application to the hair is washed off the dust, dirt, grease, and during the second hair and scalp has cleared absorb useful components of detergent. But it's a moot point, basically, if you're using in the final stage of washing of the corresponding balm (rinse), is no reason to apply shampoo twice, I do not see. When washing do not rub your hair vigorously with each other, just gently rubbing, rub the shampoo with moderate force, moving from the hair roots to the tips.

In the period of reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged hair is particularly useful to apply shampoos, cooked at home Since they do not contain preservatives, and other chemicals, the risk of harm - minimal. Eggs, rye bread, yogurt, mustard - the perfect base for that home shampoo and treatment mask. Here are some of them:

 My spit - my wealth!
 - Kefir-Bread mask for dry and brittle hair
Take 1/2 cup of warm yogurt, 150 gr. black bread, 1 tbsp. spoon of castor (or burdock) oil. Bread pour yogurt, add the butter and mix, set aside for 30 minutes to make bread swelled. Apply the mask on the whole length of the hair for 20 minutes before washing the head.

- Egg "elixir of health" for hair
Beat two eggs, add a tablespoon of lime juice and a spoonful of olive oil. Mix well, apply on hair and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with warm water and shampoo.

- Conditioner for oily hair
In order to strengthen greasy hair can be cooked with mustard solution: 1 tbsp. spoon mustard diluted in 1 liter of warm water, and this solution to rinse head several times after washing. Then carefully rinse the hair and rinse with acidified water.

- It is useful to rinse hair after shampooing infusion of chamomile, nettle, burdock, birch leaves, lime blossom, mint, apple cider vinegar

In favor of the hair go and gentle massage with a massage brush. Doing it is recommended that two or three times a day. Starting from the back, smooth circular motion alternately walk in all directions.

 My spit - my wealth!
 Do not forget proper nutrition . To hair healthy and beautiful you must follow a healthy, balanced diet with all necessary for normal growth of hair nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

- To restore the brightness of color, shine and strength   hair needs B vitamins (B1, B2, OT, B5, B6, B9, B10, B12), their sources: cereals, meat, poultry, dairy products, brewer's yeast, dark green vegetables, cabbage, fish, liver.

- Foods such as eggs, milk, butter and vegetable oil, pumpkin, persimmon, carrot, sea buckthorn, hard cheeses, rich in minerals, containing a part of vitamin A, can help to Rehabilitation hair .

 My spit - my wealth!
 - Universal antioxidant that imparts elasticity and shine   hair is vitamin E, its sources: nuts, spinach, collard greens, seafood, liver, sunflower oil and seeds, sprouted grains.

It is easy to see that all these products are also sources of minerals, so necessary for the beauty of our hair is - iron, zinc, silicon, sulfur, calcium, magnesium. If your menu is diverse, the problems with their content in the diet will not.

Standing competent and gentle care, reducing the use of cosmetics, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and optimism can do wonders, restoring hair strength, shine and healthy and keep them for years to come!
Author: Olga Travleeva