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 How often, looking in the mirror, a woman wants to become the owner of long hair. That is why many are wondering how to make your hair longer and get the acceleration of their growth? To help them can come to some "old wives' remedies that activate hair growth, make them bulky, well-groomed, give them a shine and radiance.

We should not forget that the active hair growth is possible only if the regular care of them, because it reduces the harmful effect on the hair of an unbalanced diet, pollution, temperature changes, regular coloring and perming.

Basic Rules
To activate hair growth, you need to start with restructuring your diet.

- Food   should be balanced and provide the body with sufficient amount of vitamins, trace elements such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are so rich in fatty sea fish, nuts and vegetable oils. The diet must contain enough fiber, because the beauty of hair and nails begins with the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract.

- In addition to a balanced diet, you can apply special complexes of vitamins and minerals Which provide the body with essential nutrients that strengthen hair and nails and enhance their growth.

 Rusty braid to her waist
   - Means for hair care   must be chosen strictly according to their types: dry, oily, damaged, color-treated hair, and so on.

- Once a week, hair needs extra care   in the form of masks or oil wraps. To the ends of hair were dry, you need to use moisturizing and nourishing masks and apply them to the entire length of hair. In spring and autumn hair condition can be improved by reducing the special cosmetics, which is produced in ampoules and applied courses once or twice a year.

 Rusty braid to her waist
 - We need to take it a rule to make regular scalp massage Because this procedure activates the subcutaneous blood circulation, which provides additional power of the hair roots, causing hair to grow faster.

- It is important to choose the right hairbrush . It is best if it is made of natural materials, while the tips of the teeth should be rounded.

 Rusty braid to her waist
 - Do not use too often hairdryer Because hot air greatly affects the hair, making them dry and brittle. If the hair dryer is still used for drying hair, to keep it no closer than 15 inches from the head.

Folk remedies for hair growth
On average, hair grows at one centimeter per month, however, by some means, you can try to increase their length even more.

- Even our grandmothers knew that shampooing beer   It makes them thick and causes to grow faster. Scientific studies explain this fact in the presence of a large number of beer vitamins, minerals and amino acids that provide additional nutrition hair roots, strengthen them and make it more healthy. Using beer to wash your hair is useful to the fact that this natural product contains no chemical additives or substances that have a negative effect on the hair, which is common among the poor-quality cosmetics for hair care.

- Another natural remedy for hair growth are active natural oils Feeding the hair along the entire length thereof and penetrating into the deepest layers of them, it has a positive effect on the hair structure. Especially effective for such purposes is the rosemary oil, 5-7 drops of which are mixed with a mild shampoo, lather on the hair. In this way, you can use other nourishing oils: almond, grape seed oil, wheat germ, olive oil or coconut oil, etc. A few drops of any oil applied to the hair and distributed over their entire length by combing with the wide teeth, after which the hair is wrapped in a warm towel. This procedure can be carried out half an hour before shampooing, and throughout the night and in the morning wash your hair with shampoo usual.

 Rusty braid to her waist
 - According to popular belief, can stimulate hair growth and correctly chosen time   for their haircuts. Cutting hair is necessary only in the days of the full moon, which will ensure their active growth to the growing moon. Although this belief is not scientifically proven, but check it out for yourself, too worth it.

- Among the cosmetic shampoos and lotions exist that are designed to enhance hair growth. According to the advertisement, the use of such funds will increase the length of the hair almost five centimeters in three weeks. However, it is worth considering what kind of components in these funds may result in such unnatural result, of course, if there is one. Instead of such "magic" tools better to opt for high quality moisturizing and nourishing shampoo that effectively restore hair, strengthens them, make healthy and shiny.
Author: Natalia Biatova