Saving dry hair
 Now more and more women are complaining about is not on the fat content of hair, namely, dryness. And not only due to age-related changes (it is known that after 40 hair become dry and lifeless). Rather, urban air pollution and an abundance of hair styling tools to do their job. And one of the problems recently, stylists called split ends and dry hair.

Let's try not to panic too, and remember good tools to help deal with the problem of dry hair . Let's talk also about prevention.

1. Coconut update
Rich in protein, fatty acids, vitamins B and C, zinc, potassium and iron, coconut oil, of course, it is one of the best means of getting rid of dry hair forever. It is necessary to buy a jar of coconut oil and from time to time to put a small amount on hair, especially when you know that hair is going through hard times, such as stress (from harsh winters or very hot summers). If your hair is long, apply on the strands, massaging the scalp. Then cover with a warm towel and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then - rinse, wash, air-conditioning, as usual.

 Saving dry hair
 2. Honey and olive oil
The ingredients are familiar to most women as incredibly effective for skin and hair. And now you know for dry hair, they will benefit. Mix 4 tablespoons of honey and 6 tablespoons of olive oil. Let this mixture pobudet on hair from 15 to 30 minutes under a plastic bag.

3. Milk and Honey
Like hundreds of years ago, this mixture of "work" and encouraged us women. Use this mask every week or every two weeks. Mix half a cup of milk at room temperature and add 1-2 tablespoons of honey. If honey is thick - a little podtopilo it in a water bath. Apply on hair for half an hour or an hour, if there is time. Then wash with regular shampoo. After you feel that the hair was light, acquired softness and shine.

4. Avocados, olive oil and honey
Next Natural mask is also simple and one of the most effective in getting rid of the dryness and dry split ends. Mash the flesh of one ripe avocado, add 1 tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix well and apply on hair. Wrap your head with a plastic bag or a hat. After 20 minutes, the mask can be washed off, but you can leave on the hour, if you want to achieve a deep moisturizing.

 Saving dry hair
 5. 30-minute mask for split ends
For very dry and damaged hair tips do not take 30 minutes. To mask will need: 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon almond oil, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (if the hair is long, you take all the ingredients in a double volume). Mix and apply on hair. Start from the tips, then massage the mixture into them, and then the remains are distributed throughout the hair. Leave on for half an hour. Just keep in mind, that the mask can not completely get rid of split ends, they are still the best cut. But the appearance of hair will be noticeably better and new split ends appear slower.

6. mayonnaise update
Mayonnaise restores natural moisture of the hair. Take a small amount of mayonnaise, drip into it a few drops of essential oil (the hair smelled after the procedure). Massage the dry patches of hair, leave for 15-20 minutes, then wash your hair with regular shampoo and styling agents use.

7. Strawberry
"Strawberry Fields Forever! "- And I want to sing, when I think about this successful mask for dry hair. A pleasant smell, lots of moisture and good gloss - that it will make your hair strawberry. Take 200 grams of fresh strawberries, one egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix in the mashed potatoes. Apply to the hair and wait 20-30 minutes. So simple!

 Saving dry hair
 As a bonus - a little advice on how to avoid dryness of hair in the future. What factors affect the dryness?

- Environment.   It causes damage to our hair. This heat, and chemicals in the air. Affect the health of the hair may be rain, the wind, the sun, the exhaust gases. It is necessary to defend themselves, in order to minimize the damage caused by all of these hazards. Wear hats, use homemade mask as soon as they saw that the usual hair products (shampoos, conditioners) no longer cope.

- Frequent washing.   Recently revised opinion that the hair can be washed as often as you want to. Daily hair washing deprives natural cover natural oils, nourishes and protects hair. So you should get used to another rhythm wash - at least every other day.

- Active shampoos.   Look at your shampoo composition, it may be a cause of dry hair. Special shampoos for dry hair are not composed of sulfates, and pH -sbalansirovany.

- Water quality.   Perhaps the tap water in your area is too full of chemicals. They need to get rid of bacteria, but the other side of the coin is that these chemicals disrupt and dried hair (and skin, by the way). The charcoal filter can help to deal with the problem.

- Features food.   Any problem with the hair signals that your body that something is missing. Try adding products with omega-3 fatty acids. Is there anything in your diet nuts, eggs, fish? This is all healthy fat, makes hair stronger and more elastic, feed them.

- The lack of air conditioning.   For dry hair is especially important to soften their surface after shampooing. Many women with dry hair even moving to wash hair without shampoo, only with air conditioning. Do not forget about effective masks (once a week).

- Drying of hair.   Try to dry your hair naturally as often as possible. To do this, apparently, did not have to wash your hair before going out, and long before that. Look for new ways of laying without a hot dryer for example, perms using braids or hair curlers, and the volume - with a dry shampoo.
Author: Julia Shestakova