Staining home? Easily! Just read our tips
 Firstly, psychologists say that this is one of the easiest ways to begin to change your life and change itself. Secondly, for many it is not a whim, no, because we all look young and pert, but treacherous strand can spoil everything at once. Thirdly, frequent hair coloring can greatly thickened, to facilitate stacking and make them more healthy, well-groomed and natural look (as if you have problem hair) ...

Fourth, the staining is sometimes able to really open your image and present you in the best possible way. In general, anyway, and staining plus much more, than minuses. A less frequent one - the damage to the hair. But this problem is solved. Partly taken care of good manufacturers of paints for home hair coloring. Modern formulations are less dangerous, often with caring components. And only one can prevent us to enjoy all the advantages - it is the misuse of the paint. And this article will tell you about a very simple and clear methods of dyeing hair at home.

1. The correct purchase - half the battle.   If you've ever seen from the window of hair dye, you know that a lot of shades offered. The surest way - choose a shade is not in the store, but at home. Many manufacturers of paints have the service on your site. Unfortunately, not always in the Russian-language pages. You just put your picture, you choose the color and see yourself in a new guise. But if you're anything like it until you find it, you can just get acquainted with hints and tips on the site, for any type of hair and skin they fit.

 Staining home? Easily! Just read our tips
 2. Be sure to buy the amount of ink that is indicated on the accompanying instructions.   If your length and structure of your hair manufacturer advises to buy two packages, you have to buy two. Otherwise, you run the risk of hair dye unevenly and not get the desired shade.

3. Paint the only dry hair!   Despite the fact that the paint on wet hair laying easier, never do. Wet hair is not good enough to absorb the paint. All you have to do with the hair before coloring - it is good to comb them (especially if the hair is long).

 Staining home? Easily! Just read our tips
 4. Do not wash your hair before coloring.   It is better if you wash your hair for a day or more before painting. So your hair will have a real natural protection in the form of a small dusty fat layer of active chemicals dye formulations.

5. Gray hair before coloring can be mitigated conditioned.   The fact that gray hair coloring composition absorbs less paint in them are not always well absorbed, gray hair, dry stiffer. Therefore, a very good reception - just wash your hair before coloring with air conditioning (not shampoo!). Let your hair dry and then move on to the process of staining.

6. If you dye your hair with gray hair Then paint the gray areas first and then spread paint on all hair.

7. Do not put the paint too close to the roots . This is one of the basic rules of domestic coloring. Because the skin is not color and not damaged.

8. color the hair parts. Divide hair into sections and stained with each site to make sure that the hair is completely dyed. If your hair is short, it is possible to paint over everything is not so difficult, but if you - the owner of thick, curly hair, and gray hair, such an approach is quite helpful.

9. Do not wash your hair immediately after application!   Wait at least a day, but better a couple of days. Wash the hair immediately after application may wash off some amount of ink, and thereafter dyed hair lose gloss and smoothness. What can you do - it's just rinse your hair with water and use air conditioning.

 Staining home? Easily! Just read our tips
 10. Privacy and protection again.   Although many modern compositions mild enough, the protection you still need. Pro gloves all know, and they are attached to each pack paint. In addition, be sure to close the clothes, as well as neck and neck with a towel. It is better to take the expensive, which is not sorry to be dirty. Gather such a composition: the lemon juice, mix with your foundation. If ink gets on your skin - just wipe portion of this simple formula.

11. To avoid staining of the forehead   and in general the skin next to the hair, try to smear a small amount of petroleum jelly on the hairline. If there is no Vaseline - you can use any fat cream or balm.

 Staining home? Easily! Just read our tips
 12. Rinse the paint with warm water!   Do not hot. Too hot water will dry the hair, making them fragile, vulnerable, and destroy the color. A wash is thoroughly, as long as you do not feel that hair is no longer sticky.

13. If you dye gray hair, make sure that the paint is bought suits for gray painting.   Not all colors are suitable for this. Color can turn absolutely unpredictable, if you do not take into account your this fact.

14. It turned out too dark?   First, make sure that it is, and not just from the fact that hair is wet. If you are sure that a shade too dark, simply take a regular shampoo and wash your hair immediately after application. And be sure to complete the air conditioning, because the hair is now the most vulnerable, and lost a lot of moisture, become drier.

 Staining home? Easily! Just read our tips
 15. Stock up on shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.   If everything turned out the way they wanted, and perhaps even better, now the most important thing - to keep the found color as long as possible. So be sure to update your shelf in the bathroom - buy special products (shampoo, conditioner, air-conditioning) for colored hair.

16. Do not paint!   Unfortunately, if the tone will not exactly the one that you want, you have to like him for some time before you can try something new. Maybe it is time for you and enjoy it, eh? But seriously, it is necessary to wait at least two weeks. Then you can dye your hair again. And in those two weeks make sure to supply the mask, wrap hair, use a good conditioner as your hair will again lose a lot of moisture and nutrition.

17. Do not use a hair dryer!   Where possible, it is necessary to blow drying significantly reduced if the hair is dyed. This drying substantially deprives the hair elasticity and shine and makes the color dull. Do not use the dryer immediately after application, let the hair dry naturally. If the dryer can not do without, then please be a special spray that protects hair from termofaktorov.

Many women say that the hair coloring just changed their lives. Change for the better. They have become more confident, became more like myself, finally found his own style. So give up coloring - it's not for us. But just to be able to comply with safety precautions - that's we are capable. Be like what you want to be: blondes, brunettes, red - any!
Author: Julia Gnedina