Treatment room
 Surely, you regularly visit a barber to cut and shape to correct tint roots. What else can pamper hair, tell technologists professional brand Paul Mitchell.


Passports and other important documents are laminated to keep them in good condition. In the case of lamination hair has the same function - protects from negative external influences and gives the maximum shock of hair well-groomed appearance. The clear structure, enveloping the hair, further aligns its structure, enhances shine and volume increases. That is why the lamination is especially recommended for fine hair as a sure-fire way to make packing more lush.

During the procedure, a dye is used transparent, based on hydrolyzed wheat protein. It has excellent air permeability and safe for the scalp. If desired, add a few drops of colored laminate "Inca" ("black", based on food dyes). This will help to slightly adjust the color - make it richer and more attractive. Keep in mind, the laminate is not a therapeutic agent and generally only works on the surface. However, it fixes the hair in the active components of various masks, prolonging the time of their work, and amplifying the effect. To restore power, or deep moisturizing mask must be done immediately prior to lamination. By the way, if you put laminate immediately after application, you can keep the color for a long time, fixing an artificial pigment and prevent its early washout.

One lamination lasts about 3 weeks, then it is possible to repeat a visit to the salon. It has no contraindications (unless it is too dense and coarse hair that extra volume quite useless), but at the same time facilitates home care for hair. Laminated hair needs only a shampoo, conditioner and styling. On the masks and other protective equipment can easily save!


 Treatment room
   In contrast to the lamination, it improves the quality of hair inside. The procedure is designed to deeply moisturize the hair, give them a shine and silkiness. Used here transparent tinting dye without ammonia and other harmful substances. "Display" is especially good at dry hair - it prevents cross-section of the tips, deeply nourishes the hair with moisture and prevents its loss. As lamination, screening may be "colored", i.e. to give the hair a light color and roughness of the mask. However, do not expect much from this process - it is still not staining. In some cases, the master may recommend to combine both kinds of care. This will provide a comprehensive poderzhku hair, strengthen them from the inside and hold a "face-lift" from the outside.

Polish blondes

 Treatment room
   Polish just appeared in Russian stores. The full process can assess the blonde, but in any color hair she has successfully replace professional rehabilitative care. Polish - a topcoat, which grinds the color, removes the characteristic yellowness from blonde and gives a beautiful glossy tide. At the same time, it restores the structure of hair damaged by aggressive lighting, moisturizes and makes curls more elastic. This becomes possible due to the content of hydrolyzed soy protein and oil of nutmeg. Of course, ammonia and other harmful substances are completely removed from its composition.

What's nice polish - a rapid procedure. It is enough to cause the composition to wet hair, and after 10 minutes you can enjoy an updated color, luxurious sheen and healthy appearance hair. Effect lasts for 3 weeks, and then polish it bears repeating, combining, for example, by correction regrown roots. Lightening blondes should always complement the salon care home, picking up high-quality moisturizing mask, professional overload and reducing sprays. Preference is to give professional products, which contain the highest concentration of active substances and show a more pronounced results.
Author: Irina Titlinov