Your hair "die"? Solution: scissors or proper care
 If your hair is dry and weak, ask yourself, "Why? ". First, they may lack the vitamins, and secondly, you are using is not suitable for your hair shampoo or conditioner, and thirdly, we have to be improper care.

About vitamins Say a Word
Under the influence of vitamin deficiency hair fade, weaken, become dry and brittle. Vitamin deficiency can occur not only in the spring, but also throughout the year due to malnutrition, which lacks vitamins. Reasons may be insufficient and poor quality food, a violation of the digestive processes, long-term use of drugs, especially metabolism.

The most necessary for beauty of your hair are considered vitamins A, C, E ,, B vitamins and omega-3.

- With the hair dry and brittle, "fighting" Vitamin A . Its content can be replenished by taking in food liver, cod liver oil, egg yolks, cream and butter.
- To prevent excessive hair loss, to avoid the lack of folic acid ( Vitamin B9 ), Which is found in green (spinach, lettuce, parsley), beets, carrots, tomatoes, beans, yeast, milk, meat, fish and other products.
- If your hair looks lifeless, pay attention to the consumption of poultry products, which contain all the necessary cyanocobalamin .
- Luster dull hair give vitamin E Contained in legumes, nuts, grains, seeds, vegetable oils and animal liver.
- You never can not go wrong if compose your daily diet of foods that contain ascorbic acid ( vitamin C ). It is thanks to her, we support your immune system, the health of all organs, as they say, "from the fingertips to the tips of the hair," and vice versa.

Of important micronutrient iron, sulfur, zinc, copper, silicon and others. Nuts and paste, soy and buckwheat, wild rose and white mushrooms, wheat bran and liver of animals - this is not a complete list of products containing iron, which is "struggling" with brittle hair. Coping with tarnish and fragility helps sulfur, which are enriched with garlic, soy, liver, beans, fish, turkey and rabbit meat.

 Your hair "die"? Solution: scissors or proper care
 Shampoo shampoo strife
The announced goal of any cosmetics company - to make a woman beautiful. Latent goal - to maximize profits. This system applies to all companies producing creams, decorative cosmetics, hair care products, etc. To the company to make money, you need to not only be able to sell, but also need to offer quality products. Unfortunately, the quality of many products is poor. After correctly selected shampoo can worsen the condition of your hair loss and trigger the occurrence of dandruff. Therefore, decisions are made by you: making the right choice or to be cheated.

Simple rules when buying shampoo:

- First of all, avoid the acquisition of hair care products in the markets and dubious outlets. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you do not strengthen your hair, but just lose them.

- Second, pay attention to the shelf life of cosmetic products and its storage in the stores. Exhibited products on display under direct sunlight can quickly deteriorate: konsinstentsiyu change, color, smell and losing their valuable qualities.

- Third, guided by the appearance of the package and the "name" of the manufacturer.

- Fourth, if your skin is prone to allergies, be sure to make sure the shampoo / conditioner / balsam hair there is a mark "tested under dermatological control." This will suit you no dyed or scented shampoos, ie without dyes and flavorings.

- Fifth, from a certain brand select suitable for your hair means .  Check for any types of hair shampoo you approach considers how often it can be used, the components of a .  The main objective of shampoo - to wash the scalp and hair themselves, so must be the main component of the washing base (detergents, or as otherwise referred to as synthetic detergents - surfactants) .  If you see the surfactants of the name "Ammonium sulphate Lyra" or "ammonium laureth sulfate", remember this shampoo washes hair well, but is not suitable for dry and brittle hair .  If you see the surfactants of the name "sodium sulfate Lyra" or "sodium laureth sulfate", you know, these components are used in more expensive high-quality shampoos, which are suitable for damaged hair .  In addition to washing base shampoo contains special additives (flavors, dyes, conditioners, and biologically active additives, vegetable oils, etc.) .  For dry hair suitable means with olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba .  Also shampoos usually have a mark "for damaged hair", "for dry and brittle hair," "for oily hair", "for all hair types," "for colored hair," "smoothing", "reducing", "Shampoo "" shampoo for frequent washing, "etc. . P .  You always have a choice!

 Your hair "die"? Solution: scissors or proper care
 Hair care

- First, before washing the hair thoroughly comb it.

- Second, wash the healthy hair is recommended at least 1 time a week, and in winter - at least 2 times the extent of pollution, thus if you have oily hair - from 2 to 3 times a week, dry - at least 1 times Depending on the length of hair.

- Thirdly, it is not necessary to use very hot or cold water. The optimum temperature - 35-45 degrees, thus, the fatter the hair, the water should be cool.

- Fourth, correctly use the shampoo: First, pour in the palm, lather, and only then apply to wet hair.

- Fifth, it is not recommended to wash your hair in the usual soap, after which they will become even more dry and dull.

- Sixth, after using the shampoo, apply conditioner to the hair conditioner or balm. Follow the rules specified on the package.

- Seventh, after the procedure, pat your hair dry with a towel and did not immediately brush. If you do not hurry up, give your hair a "rest" from a hair dryer, rectifiers and ploek - let them dry naturally. On sale there are special preparations for those who are not possible without drying the hair dryer and not without hair straighteners (spray with thermal protection).

- Eighth, for scratching, use a quality comb or a comb made of natural materials.

- Ninth, at least 1 time in 3-6 months I was shampoo on the other, because hair gradually getting used to the permanent means and fail to respond to its useful components. After some time, you can always revert to the old shampoo.

Take care of the health of your hair - and they will thank you with its beauty!
Author: Alesya Marchenko