All business - in the hat? How to maintain the health of hair and hairstyles volume during the cold season
 Many women do not like winter, not because of the cold. After subzero temperatures - an excellent opportunity to "walk the" favorite fur coat or a run to the shops in search of new boots. It would have been great if it were not for one "but" ... Winter can be the worst enemy of female beauty.

At this time, many are suffering from the fact that the skin became very dry and sensitive, and lost hair shine and volume. And if the skin problems can be easily solved with the help of creams and nourishing masks, providing deep hydration, the hair all the more complicated. They need special care and reverent attitude and disregard these requirements is a recipe for a lot of problems - from purely aesthetic to health. However, not all so sad. Save a healthy appearance of hair and hairstyles splendor in the cold season is quite possible - you just do not forget a few simple tools.

In winter hair often lose the beauty and the volume on a very banal, but a sad reason - they simply drop out. Stop this process will help the vitamins. The best friends of our hair - vitamins A and C, and especially - the B vitamins They not only prevent hair loss, but also greatly improve their condition. Include in your diet as many fruits, vegetables, and whole grain bread, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts, and do not forget the use of multivitamin complexes! Not a bad solution - the use of special vitamins for hair loss that are sold in pharmacies. For example, Lady's formula, Mertz, Alerana.

 All business - in the hat? How to maintain the health of hair and hairstyles volume during the cold season
   Incidentally, the "feed" your hair vitamins can be both inside and outside. Different masks and nourishing oils containing the aforementioned vitamins - are indispensable helpers in maintaining the beauty of hair.

A cap
Do not like hats because they "kill" deprives the hair styling and volume? It is in vain - because the wind and snow to inflict much more damage. The fact that under the influence of cold blood circulation of the scalp, whereby the hair does not get the necessary power, become brittle and weakened. Why go to such victims, if you can pick up a stylish hat and hair care to use modern cosmetic products that will help to preserve hair during the cold season?

 All business - in the hat? How to maintain the health of hair and hairstyles volume during the cold season
 Special care
Wear a hat, without fearing for stacking and volume loss can be, if you regularly use the right tools for hair care. For example, shampoo, conditioner and mousse balm indelible line "Effective amount" of NIVEA. They will help to achieve double the volume, while maintaining the natural softness and flexibility of the hair. And you can spend hours wandering around in an extravagant fashion hat with earflaps and a snow-covered park: a walk after laying is the same volume.

Useful styling
In addition to the use of hair care products, take adopt the appropriate means styling. In winter, the hair quickly lose moisture, so use the equipment for drying and heat styling should be with extreme caution. Picking up hair dryers, stylers and hair straightening iron is, do not forget about the means to the thermal effect. Some of them will not only help protect the hair, but it will make them healthier.

 All business - in the hat? How to maintain the health of hair and hairstyles volume during the cold season
   So, mousse "Effective amount" of NIVEA with the formula "Termouhod" makes drying hair treatments: hot air under the influence of activated vitamin and hair becomes soft and obedient. The increase in volume is not due to silicone and fixing polymers that lift the hair at the roots, without sticking and without weighing it down.

Do you want a mega-volume? Take further hairdryer with a diffuser - special nozzle with a diameter of 10-15 cm, fitted with a long plastic teeth. The diffuser gives the hair extra-volume due to the uniform distribution of heat air flow. And with the help of the diffuser can create a stunningly beautiful, neat curls. With such a hairstyle you will certainly love the winter: for your beauty, it will only benefit!
Author: Olga Larsen