And in the rain and the wind .... perfect hairstyle!
 Spring! Down hats, hoods, scarves and the like, in general, useful and essential in the cold season hats, so reliably protects us from the cold, but our hopeless Port hairstyles! How nice, finally, place them in storage in the closet, revive and provide elastic curls around to admire how great our well-groomed hair shining under the rays of spring, yet gentle sun.

That's just one problem - after putting the hair in a beautiful hairstyle, literally "hair to hair", having thought the location of each curl, we risk losing all this splendor after the first gust of wind. Even relatively slack winds may leave color shapeless tangled mane of hair, instead of carefully executed, neat hairstyles ... unless you take action in advance!

Save your hair in all its splendor under the open air, even under adverse weather conditions help available means - varnishes, gels, mousses, waxes for hair.

Which means to give preference to, and dependent on the task and on personal preference and the condition of the hair.

 And in the rain and the wind .... perfect hairstyle!
 Hairspray - finishing chord of any hairstyle
Luck is an aerosol substance intended for fixing already finished hairstyles. So, first we create a hairstyle, and using such means styling (styling) as foam or gel, and then the finished hairstyle treat varnish. Modern paints, in any case, their best representatives, unlike their predecessors, do not create a hard crust on the hair, the hair turns into a kind of helmet, not dried hair and glue them relatively harmless to the hair.

Since varnishes are several levels of fixation, remember, the greasy hair, the more fixation mode you need, and how they land, the softer it should be. But to elaborate hairstyles persisted throughout the day, we have to use the strong hold.

Modern paints not only fix hair, give hair the desired volume and shine, but in some way take care of them. Their structure manufacturers introduce nutrients, proteins and vitamins, special solar filters to protect hair from the harmful effects of sunlight. Lucky not only able to fix her hair, but also give your hair beautiful colors, if they contain dyes or shine. On the market of styling offered a lot of different paints, among which are the products of Schwarzkopf, L'Oreal Professionnel, Revlon Professional, Londa, Sunsilk, Wella and many others.

 And in the rain and the wind .... perfect hairstyle!
 When choosing paint, it should be remembered that a quality hairspray (regardless of brand) does not stick hair, sprayed easily, does not have a strong odor, leaves no traces of white particles and the film after scratching. For example, all these requirements are met hairspray Taft (Schwarzkopf) «radiant" with a UV filter. He will provide the hair brilliant shine and protect hair from the sun, wind and humidity, and not stick hair and is easily removed when combing.

Waxes - ideal for short creative hairstyles and for modeling the individual strands of hair
Wax hair styling are mainly used for the formation of individual strands, modeling of waves, weighting ends. But this is their beneficial qualities are not exhausted. Wax as a means of protection of hair is used from time immemorial, so many centuries ago, the Egyptians covered their hair with molten wax to protect them from dust, insects, sun.

Now the wax is considered to be the most useful styling means it can be used every day, it does not contain ingredients harmful to the hair, well rinsed with water, protects the hair from harmful external influences - street dust, exhaust fumes, ultraviolet radiation.

When choosing wax guided by the number on the label, a higher rate in more persistent. Use wax is easy: just put a small amount on your palm, rub it lightly warmed and applied to the hair, usually moist. For a more uniform distribution, use a comb. Sometimes wax is applied on dry hair. For example, to quickly create curls, rather dry hair, anointing wax, cheat on curlers, hair dryer to dry, dissolve - and hair done.

Good wax for modeling hairstyles for thick, strong, strong curly hair, but for thin weak hair is not very suitable means. Such hair wax can deprive heavier and splendor.

 And in the rain and the wind .... perfect hairstyle!
 Deserved popular waxes Taft (Schwarzkopf), this line offers waxes for all occasions and at all levels of fixation, and perhaps you do have to like Gloss Wax - modeling and giving form strands of wax from L'Oreal Professionnel. This is also a worthy choice! Or here's another one wax from the company L'Oreal, the effect of metallic luster - Metallic gloss. The light texture of the wax provides the necessary fixing, it does not stick hair, give them a noble shine.

Moussa (foam) - bulk packing
  Mousse - a convenient tool for creating stylish hair, using it is simple: shake the can, squeeze on the arm ball mousse for volume (for medium length hair is usually sufficient portion size of an egg), apply to damp hair, distribute hair and dry them with a hair dryer, lifting the roots and giving your hair the right direction. Under certain skills, just a couple of minutes you will receive an excellent three-dimensional installation.

World mousse is very diverse: different kind of fixation (normal, strong, powerful beyond), the type of hair (for colored, curly hair, permed hair, etc.), as of hair (normal, dry, damaged, etc. .d.). If you use often mousses, every day, choose a remedy in accordance with these recommendations. In this case, the hair and get exactly as planned, and the hair will not damage suffered.

Mousse superstrong fixation, of course, better save your hairstyle, but has a fairly pronounced a drying effect and is more suitable for oily hair styling, but when dry and damaged hair softer recommend funds or mousses, balms

 And in the rain and the wind .... perfect hairstyle!
 If you have not chosen your perfect product, you can try styling mousse Push Up Look Taft Look from Schwarzkopf & Henkel. This super-light mousse, in the opinion of consumers, perfectly captures the hair, does not weigh down the hair and creates a good amount even on fine hair, has a pleasant, not obtrusive smell.

Gel - styling tool for the glitz and glamor glossy incarnation effect
The gel is very suitable to create (and save) brilliant hairstyles of short hair. Damage to wet hair with subsequent blow-dry, it will help maintain the shape and stability of the hairstyle for the day.

Gels, as well as other means of styling, varying degrees of fixation - strong or weak fixing. If the means of fixing a little weak supports natural look hairstyle, the strong hold gel can make it strong enough. In addition to conventional gel in a jar, there are spray-spray gels. Use a spray-gel more comfortable than usual, allowing more spray evenly on hair gel.

If you decide for an evening out to create a fantastic hairstyle, try a spray gel for hair strong fixation Londatrend. Use it to effectively highlight the individual strands, increase the amount of hair, and at the same time, the hair will look completely natural. Furthermore, the gel includes panthenol, which prevents the hair from drying out.

For those who do not like "chemistry"
If you absolutely do not accept the achievements of modern styling industry, that is, folk remedies, too, has not been canceled.

- To give hair shine and slightly fix hairstyle, you can use lemon juice.

- For a strong hold and create curls, you can use beer or natural kvass. The smell of hair after styling with a beer, of course, not really, but he just keeps minutes 10. But vitamin B complex, which is rich in this product is very good for hair health.

- Instead of hair gel can be used a liquid gelatin solution, or a decoction of flaxseed.

Plus domestic use available tools is that they do not contain preservatives, perfumes, dyes, however, if misused, and they can harm the hair. For example, concentrated lemon juice may dry up the hair and scalp. Sugar water, which is also used as a means for laying, makes hair brittle and dull. After styling gelatin can get matted locks, etc. But the good condition of the hair a necessary condition for a beautiful hairstyle! Groomed, dull hair with split ends and look ugly, and laying hold worse.

So, as you see that hairstyle looks perfect in any weather, you need not much and not too little: the right styling and well-groomed, healthy hair!
Author: Olga Travleeva