Available tools for fine hair
 Unfortunately, not all genetics endowed with thick and strong hair. Crucially there is something unlikely to change. Only fatter waist, but not the hair. But to revive the hair, making them healthy and give volume at the same time get rid of lethargy and thinning of the day, what we can do, and quite available means.

For hair products now worth not walk in perfume boutique and supermarket. We need very simple food. Before you Available masks, shampoos and conditioners for thin and weakened hair.

Chocolate mask
This mask with elements useful aromatherapy. Pleased with the fact that after the procedure, your hair will smell very tempting! Maybe it will make such a mask before a date? Ingredients:
- cocoa powder
- Milk
- Oils: jojoba, coconut, avocado.
It sounds like a recipe for dessert, right? Getting. Mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder with the same amount of warm milk. Milk can be even hot to fine powder, and uniformly dissolved. Then add 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil, coconut oil and avocado oil.

 Available tools for fine hair

Apply on the hair. Cover with a plastic bag or a hat and wrap a warm towel. Next - get some interesting activity for about an hour. Then rinse with warm water and wash hair shampoo and conditioner, but I like to just rinse the conditioner to the smell of cocoa was more intense.

Beer and egg yolk
After this mask hair seem thicker well, just might, affects the availability of the protein nutrients. The ingredients are simple:
- Beer
- Raw egg
It's simple: mix one egg yolk and 50 ml of beer. Many are advised to use only dark beer or unfiltered. Of course, I, too, for most organic products, but also ordinary light beer in the bank "works".

 Available tools for fine hair

Apply the mixture to damp hair, wrap in plastic wrap and wait 30 minutes. Then - rinse with water and air conditioning. If the smell of beer left, then rinse with citric waters. But if you just will not go, then after a few hours I will not be any smell.

Lemon rinsing
Thin hair is often greasy at the roots. This makes them sluggish, constant struggle to balance greasy wrong weakens. I advise the lemon juice, it nourishes and gives strength, heals. Ingredients:
- Water
- lemon juice
Mix equal parts of fresh lemon juice and water.

 Available tools for fine hair

Apply the mixture to the hair and massage for 5 minutes. Then rinse with normal tap water. Next - wait for the magic, because I feel that hair will be totally different. You will shine, they are soft, airy, here, add aromatherapy and pleasant odor from the hair after the procedure. Incidentally, such a rinsing can sometimes be replaced completely shampoo and conditioner, because the lemon degreasing, cleans, kills bacteria, etc.

All of the girls with thin hair should be remembered that this exotic fruit like avocados - is truly the Holy Grail for our hair. For the mask of avocado we need:
- Avocado
- Honey
- Castor oil
Mix together the flesh of a ripe avocado, 2 tablespoons of honey and 3-4 tablespoons of castor oil.

 Available tools for fine hair

Homogeneous mass Apply to hair and leave for an hour. Then rinse shampoo. Lifeless and dull hair suddenly become shiny, healthy and flowing.

Enriched Shampoo for fine hair
Homemade Shampoo - this is not necessarily a complicated formula. I recommend this method. Ingredients:
- Shampoo with nettle extract (or baby shampoo)
- Drops panthenol (vitamin B5)
- Vitamin B capsules
- Nettle extract
- Castor oil
The complex structure, but do not worry, everything is done quickly. Mix together contents of a bottle of shampoo with nettle purchased or baby shampoo, 2 tablespoons drops panthenol, one vial of vitamin B, 2 tablespoons nettle extract and 2 tablespoons of castor oil.

 Available tools for fine hair

All pour into a large bottle of shampoo and use a month or two. This shampoo is now suitable for very fine hair, will maintain and strengthen their health.

Mask with oatmeal
Oatmeal is useful not only as an ingredient lunch and facial masks. Thin hair proteins useful porridge, and other components will help in this. Ingredients:
- Bunting
- Castor oil
- Milk
- Vitamin A
Pour s tablespoons of oatmeal, castor oil and milk, and add a few drops of vitamin A.

 Available tools for fine hair

Make a head massage with this mixture. Leave for 20-30 minutes. After rinsing you get elastic and voluminous hair.

Mask with potatoes
This mask for fine hair helps to fight and prevent hair loss, driving the growth and gives strength. Ingredients:
- Raw potatoes
- Aloe
- Honey
- Vitamin A
- vitamin E
Rub the grated potato and squeeze the juice, add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice (or aloe vera gel), 1 tablespoon of honey, one vial of vitamin A and vitamin E.

 Available tools for fine hair

Leave the mask on for two hours, a mixture of pre-massaged his head. For tangible results repeat once a week.

Hopefully among these simple recipes you choose your own. Good luck!
Author: Olga Larsen