Beauty rules of these blondes
 Blonde again at the peak of popularity. This is confirmed by the podium and a collection of hair dyes from famous brands. Over the years, a real blonde developed a lot of secrets, how to preserve the beauty of its light tone and hairstyles. You want to know their secrets?

Goodbye, yellowness

The better the weather outside - the worse hair, who have light shade (his or painted). Because the sun and the water of the pool (the sea) deprive hair blue pigments, making them yellow or even orange. Fortunately, the blonde came up with a way to get rid of unpleasant "copper" effect.

The first way.   Apply the so-called "purple" shampoo. For example, such as the Pantene Pro-V Silver Expressions Shampoo or Paul Mitchel Platinum Blonde. It should be used 2 times a week to replace the lost pigment and neutralize warm colors.

 Beauty rules of these blondes

The second way. Add cold purple. Do not be afraid, to be painted in Malvina is not necessary, this recipe is fairly well-known, they are pros and celebrities colorists.

1) Take the food coloring: red, green, blue. 2 drops of blue, and 1 drop of red and green. It will turn purple.

2) Pour into a bowl of 350-500 ml of your regular shampoo and 2-3 drops of purple food coloring. Mix well. Ideally, the shampoo should get a light pearl color. If you do not have a large amount of shampoo - it will be enough 1 drops of dye.

3) Pour shampoo back into the container. You now have homemade purple shampoo. Apply 2 times a week, or if they noticed that the hair was yellowish.

Blondes need volume

Blondes, unfortunately, have thinner hair than dark hair. This is a problem for women with fair skin and blond hair. And we have to solve it.

Manufacturers lured women with thin hair and non-positive by their series "for the additional volume." But sticky mousse and sprays are often heavier expensive and do not give fine hair volume stable. However, there is a solution familiar blondes - it means dry. Blond hair make powder particles means invisible, can not be said about the dark hair. Buy a powder for hair volume (volumizing powder), every blonde should be the product.

 Beauty rules of these blondes

The powder composition for hair include silica and starches, which absorb oils and when powder particles are attached to the hair, the root lift. And unlike mousses and varnishes, powders do not contain alcohol, so the hair remains healthy and moisturized. Apply powder is very simple: to spread the roots of a small amount of hair and beat her hands.

It is not found in the store powder for hair? This does not mean you have to go back to the road and weighting styling tools. Make powder themselves.

Recipe for real blondes:   Mix 2 tbsp. spoon of starch (corn or potato), 2 tbsp. spoons of rice flour and 4 drops of vanilla extract. The mixture was put in a container for the storage of bulk materials (such as salt shakers with small holes for the pepper or salt) and use it when you need extra volume.

White foods - this is for blondes

If you want to keep the light color hair and skin, focus on light care products. The fact that your hair does not have its pigment, dye and any of shampoos, conditioners, masks, and so forth. Products are readily penetrate into the hair structure. Therefore, when purchasing means better focus on clear or white in color products.

If you use this color to food (there are pink, yellow, greenish in color shampoos), then 1 per month wash your hair shampoo cleans, marking clarifying.

By the way, this also applies to natural home remedies. Because pigments are there in the grass, and in fruits and vegetables. If you not only blond hair and fair skin, stick to it as transparent and colorless textures.

Dry shampoo: frequent and regular

Dry shampoo should be one of your regular products for hair care. Despite the name, this product promotes not just dryness and moisturize the hair. Because every time you miss a hair wash procedure, you do not over-dry your hair and keep the color (natural or artificial) long.

It's best to buy a dry shampoo designed specifically for light hair, dry shampoo for brunettes will be noticeable on light curls.

 Beauty rules of these blondes

Lightening Spray - means must-have for blondes

Every blonde should wear it in her purse, and during the summer holidays in the open sun - a product must-have. Your hair will always be light, without yellowing. And the result will be achieved gradually, without stress and dryness.

Make Lightening Spray yourself if you purchase a product goes beyond your budget. To do this, take a small spray bottle, pour it into clean water and add lemon juice. Update spray every 2-3 hours. Even if the day is not sunny, or you spend it indoors, lemon spray will add natural brilliance that will return the hair healthy and spectacular view.

 Beauty rules of these blondes

Another method - the salt spray. However, it not only helps lighten the individual strands, but also makes a beach wave effect. Add the water, sea salt and shower gel (no more than 1 tsp.). Spray the hair and go to the beach or to the country.

But winter does not prevent coloring shampoo (1 per week).

As you can see, jokes about blondes really irrelevant when it comes to beauty. Blondes have learned to apply simple and ingenious techniques to preserve the beauty of their hair. And the secrets of their stock is constantly updated. Use them and you.
Author: Julia Shestakova