Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Hair
 We continue to acquaint you with interesting findings from the professionals of the highest level. Of course, you have already read about makeup? Today about hair and tomorrow - about caring for skin and body.

• Dry shampoo
Tips about the use of dry shampoo is often not perceived. Because, once you try, many feel only discomfort. To use it as follows: Apply dry shampoo first on the comb, to buy into this dry shampoo spray. And only then comb the hair from root to tip several times. No gray plaque on the roots and the hair - light and clean!
Adam Reed, L'Oréal Paris

• Sugar Hair
Sugar water - an excellent means of installation. Dissolve 6 teaspoons in a cup of boiling water, let cool, then spray on the hair. Then simply twist the locks in curlers or restrained puchochki. When hair is dry, remove the curlers. Get soft hair, and the hair is not affected by the chemical composition of the styling.
Johnny Sapong, hairdresser

 Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Hair
 • Care for colored hair
Hard water does not act friendly to colored hair. Be sure to use for colored hair with water without mineral deposits and impurities. They make hair dull, break down the color. This can be achieved if you use filtered water for washing colored hair. It is useful to attach a filter to the soul.
Mary Robinson, Pantene

• Natural wave
Curls are always in fashion. Create them by safe for hair. Twist bundles or braids on wet hair, dry your hair in such a state. Then dissolve and get a light wave.
Alain Pichon, L'Oréal Paris

 Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Hair
 • To give smoothness to hair
If you are confused by pushing the hair or hair is not quite smooth and even, you can use the following tips. Squeeze lemon or lime juice to your shampoo and conditioner. These juices with high acidity will help to better clean the hair, to degrease them will close the cuticle. The result - a perfectly smooth hair and without any chemical or heat treatment irons.
Paul Fatrik, Matrix

• Carefully and gently
The way you wash your hair, it may harm them. Do not rub too hard, do not whip much foam, or scratch the scalp, it can damage the cuticle. Instead, a massage before washing the roots and distribute the shampoo first on the ends. Then gently, soft movements distribute the shampoo over the entire head.
Phil Smith, a hairdresser

• Hair products without sodium
To keep long hair healthy looking, it is important not only to minimize the hairdryer treatment, but also the right to use shampoos and conditioners. Those that contain keratin, strengthens hair, smooth it replenish its own reserves of keratin. But along with the component in the media may be sodium, which breaks down keratin. So look for hair products strictly without sodium.
Philip Kingsley, an expert on hair care

• Modern beam
The main secret is to create a contrast between the hair and by the beam. Slicked back hair must be perfectly smooth and shiny, whereas the beam itself may be confused, sloppy, beaten out with locks. It is stylish.
Gary Hooker and Michael Young, Hooker & Young

 Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Hair
 • Before washing hair
Be sure to carefully comb the hair before washing the head. Otherwise, when the hair is matted, you can permanently damage them when washing. Before you apply shampoo, wash your hair with warm water to open the follicles and get rid of styling products. And then apply the shampoo.
Lisa Shepherd, expert on hair care

• The ideal tail
Lie down on the bed, his head hanging down and the hair. Gather hair at the crown, or a little lower. If you want a super smooth hair, then moisten with water and comb comb before picking up the tail. A perfect ponytail ready!
Alex Box, make-up artist

Author: Julia Shestakova