Black hair. Together and forever?
 Against the advice of stylists that is to choose a more natural image, black hair color is at its peak of popularity for the past few years. But sooner or later, fickle the fair sex want to change the image, starting, of course, with the hairstyle. From radical to get rid of dark color is not easy, but really. What are the ways to do this?

1. Traditional lighting

If you paint in black for a long time, it would take several times to lighten the hair. Number of visits barber depends on the final desired result. It is not necessary once lighten your hair, while increasing the exposure time of paint to it had more intense effect. This is not the best way may affect the quality of hair - they become brittle over dried.

After the traditional clarification is absolutely necessary to use a variety of revitalizing face masks, balms and conditioners. It is better to opt for the professional products.

A more gentle version of a gradual lightening - it highlights that the barber will do every two or three months. And in general, I think - maybe black is not so bad, and the desire for change will satisfy a couple of contrasting strands in her hair?

2. The use of acid washes

Despite the intimidating name, such compositions virtually harmless to the hair. You can buy them in specialized shops for hairdressers. The estimated cost of one package, designed for the hair just above the shoulders - about $ 20. We'll have to pay more and the wizard. Most likely, you will need to do a wash several times, sometimes up to 5-6. If the procedure is done professionally, you will soon be able to enjoy the chestnut or reddish hair color. To become a blonde using a wash does not work, it's really only when further use conventional clarifier.

The use of washing is an important caveat - if the remover is made not to the end, the dark color could be back in time or in subsequent hair coloring. To avoid this, you must carefully follow the instructions to the remover, or choose a professional with a solid experience in its application.

 Black hair. Together and forever?
  Black hair. Together and forever?

3. Traditional methods

The effectiveness of traditional methods can be questioned, but the hair will suffer minimal damage. Additionally, alternative methods of lightening the most economical. Among them:

*   hair wash ordinary soap. Foam, it is necessary to leave for a while, then rinse thoroughly and apply a mask or conditioner (soap dries hair);

*   Oil mask bad "eat" the blackness, with a positive effect on the condition of the hair. Olive, grape, jojoba, peach or any other - you choose. In the hair oil is preheated to keep at least one hour, you can even leave for the night;

*   a mask of sour yogurt and salt. In a glass of kefir (by the way, than he is "older", the better), dissolve a tablespoon of salt. The dwell time of the composition on the hair - for at least one hour.

 Black hair. Together and forever?
  Black hair. Together and forever?

What a way to get rid of the black color would you choose, do not forget that in the pursuit of the result should not forget about maintaining the quality of the hair!
Author: Larisa Vasil'chenko