Bleached blonde - how to protect your hair in the summer?
 In summer, many try bleached locks, change hair color, dyed a fashionable reception ombre. But ultra-violet rays destroy the color and structure. The hair needs to be protected. But as?

Gang bang

Blondes know about the magic power of chamomile. We call this flower "pharmacy chamomile", and abroad it can be found under the name "Egyptian chamomile." The easiest way that blonde retain and make your hair color brighter - a rinse decoction of chamomile. For the decoction taken dried chamomile flowers (whole or crushed, can only serdtsevinki).

 Bleached blonde - how to protect your hair in the summer?

The flowers of chamomile pharmacy rich in substance "apigenin" - a golden pigment that enhances the natural light shade of hair, but improves and makes brighter and dyed blond hair.

For those who do not like to waste time on home remedies to abandon chamomile is not necessary. Because manufacturers of hair know about the magic power of chamomile, and include this ingredient in their shampoos and conditioners. If you have blonde hair (his or painted), buy products for the summer with chamomile. At the same time, note that chamomile was also shampoo, and air conditioning. When washing your hair with shampoo Emphasize the roots, while rinsing - to the ends of her hair.

 Bleached blonde - how to protect your hair in the summer?

Klorane: Shampoo and conditioner French brand Klorane Camomile

Linseed oil

Also known as linseed oil, a natural ingredient that is a source of large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is good seep deep into the hair follicles, eliminating hair from damage and updating it. Linseed oil well moisturizes, keeps the structure of the hair, does not allow the color washed out and break from the sun.

 Bleached blonde - how to protect your hair in the summer?

Apply before washing the head linseed oil on your hair every 1-2 weeks. Massage, then rinse hair thoroughly. Hair Treatment linseed oil helps preserve the color of pristine 40 days or more.

There are means of industrial production with linseed oil. As a rule, shampoos, protecting color.

 Bleached blonde - how to protect your hair in the summer?

Shampoo and color protection Kérastase's Bain Chroma Captive with linseed oil

Lactic acid

Lactic acid is known as many bleaching ingredient in creams and serums from hyperpigmentation. Its lightening properties and can be used for hair. Lactic acid is sold in pharmacies, you can buy and add shampoo, thus making homemade clarifying shampoo. It will support bleached hair color, safely and naturally. Using lactic acid can lighten hair 2-3 tones after 3 weeks of continuous use.

According to this principle are purchased and shampoos with lactic acid. For example, funds for hair Go Blonder from John Frieda: shampoo and conditioner, creating the effect of "sun kissed" on the natural, melirovannyh and dyed blond hair. Lactic acid in the composition will gradually depigmented hair structure, giving them a natural look slightly sun-bleached. This lactic acid has no adverse effects - on the contrary, it conditions the hair, softens, smoothes and strengthens them.

 Bleached blonde - how to protect your hair in the summer?

John Frieda: clarifying shampoo and conditioner John Frieda with lactic acid

Sun protection cosmetics

Clarification effect on hair is more destructive than staining in a darker shade. Therefore, bleached blonde should always be protected from the sun, because their hair is quite relaxed.

- Did you know that the SPF filter for skin and hair are the same? This means that the protection of the hair can be used sunscreens intended for skin. Of course, fat cream smeared on the hair is not necessary. But you can use a light texture in a spray, they will not weigh down your hair, but for the beach provide the desired protection from the sun's harmful rays.

- Buy hairspray filter from the sun. The label should say that the means of protection against UVA / UVB rays. Typically, these coatings provide action immediately as soon as you have done to their hair. Therefore it is useful to have a varnish with solar filter in her purse during the summer period, and especially on holiday.

 Bleached blonde - how to protect your hair in the summer?

Shiseido: Universal Spray Sun Hair and Body Refresh Sun Protection Spray for Hair / Body from Shiseido

- Use a leave-in conditioner in the summer and balms. They envelop the hair protective foam that provides extra protection from any external influence.

Color protection

Keep in mind a few general and simple recommendations. At first Do not rush to wash your hair on the same day as colored hair. Stylists are generally advised to stand before the first wash after staining as long as possible (at least a week!). This will help preserve the color longer, otherwise it will quickly disappear. Secondly , Use a properly fitted shampoos and conditioners. Recommendation to use special shampoos for colored hair - it's not a marketing ploy to sell more products. Means for colored hair manufactured without surface active ingredients and are often no sulfates that are destroying a color. Third , Any styling tool will be the best defense in color than the absence thereof. Though stylists and does not advise burden the summer abundance of varnish and hair mousse, but their presence on the hair can be a serious color protection. Carry any styling products, it will replace your hat and tools with filters SPF.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin