Blondes vs. Brunettes: what is right for you?
 That there was no doubt about the hair color, we asked the stylist to tell you how to achieve perfection.

 Blondes vs. Brunettes: what is right for you?
 You should be a brunette, if:

- You have thin hair. Dark shades visually thicken and give volume. It is recommended that the lower layers of paint a little richer than the upper.

- You have olive skin. No skin tone is not suitable for chocolate as olive. The rich brown shade will contrast with the skin, at the same time making whiter teeth and allocating the eyes.

- You do not like to visit the interior. Being a brunette, coloring hair at home much easier. In addition, dark hair needs less reverent care, and their coloring can be done less often.

 Blondes vs. Brunettes: what is right for you?
 You should become a blonde, if:

- You have the skin pink tint. Blond hair perfectly combined with the skin, thanks to this you can constantly play with makeup, making new versions. On the other hand warm skin tone will be constantly contrasted with brown hair, it is not suitable for every girl, it all depends on the specific appearance.

- You want to wear a short cut. Indeed, blond hair perfectly combined with an average length as well as the kind of haircut "square". In this case, you can experiment more often.

- Are you in a bad mood. Many stylists are advised to lighten hair when she is experiencing stress. Hue Blondie face brightens and increases the level of positive emotions.