Bright color hair trend: How to save it?
 A lover of bright shades of hair are waiting for this year, the good news. You become the most fashionable girl. Because the bright colors of hair trend. It remains one concern - how to keep such beauty?

Do not wash your hair every day

Frequent washing robs hair of natural oils and protection. The color quickly washed out of the hair, or fade in the sun. Even if the scalp is very oily, you should not wash your hair every day, at least every other day. But if the optimal frequency of washing dyed hair - twice a week. Then, the color will remain for much longer.

Use a shampoo without sulfates

Choose a shampoo and conditioner labeled "without sulfatesĀ» (sulfate-free). This is the color will remain for a long time. There are options for shampoos that are specifically designed for colored hair. But, make sure that the product has also been without sulfates, while his defense of color will be exhaustive.

 Bright color hair trend: How to save it?

Do your toning shampoo

You can update the color of hair, make it brighter, if you wash your hair tinted product. Naturally, the shade of the shampoo should match the color of dyed hair. For this you can use any semi-permanent color. Typically, semi-permanent color - a cream or powder, wash off after 3-4 weeks. Its texture is suitable for the manufacture of toner shampoo. To do this, simply add the cream shampoo or powder pigment. Mix thoroughly. And wash your hair this lineup. Do this at least every two weeks.

 Bright color hair trend: How to save it?

Use a dry shampoo

Let's go back to the first rule that daily washing colored hair hurts. Support greasy hair in good condition will help dry shampoo. Buy a product in a spray. Apply it on the roots (because there hair become fat), leaving on hair for five minutes. Then comb the hair should be.

Use warm water

Hot water is disastrous for colored hair. For washing and rinsing use warm or cold water.

Buy a leave-in conditioner

If the air conditioner is not necessary to wash off, it reduces the chances of color wash out of the hair. For colored hair washing process may consist of only three basic steps: washing with a shampoo without sulfate, rinsing, application of leave-in conditioner.

 Bright color hair trend: How to save it?

Use thermal protection

If you are planning to blow-dry or style your hair using a curling or hair ironing, it is necessary to provide for the protection of the hair from the heat. For this there are special indelible products. For example, Redken Blown Away Protective Blow Dry Gel or spray with thermal protection from Pantene.
 Bright color hair trend: How to save it?

Use a hair mask

Hair should moisturize to help this weekly mask with jojoba oil. If you have not yet found a mask that you like, then once a week can make treatment conditioner. To do this, put on a thick layer of hair conditioner than usual. And leave for 10-20 minutes. Then rinse. This technique is well moisturize hair.

 Bright color hair trend: How to save it?

Protect your hair in the pool

Chlorinated water destroys the color, so need protection. By the way, the sea water too quickly robs the hair dye. You can wear a hat. If you do not like to swim in the cap - the wet hair with fresh cold water before entering the pool. A good solution would be the application of a small amount of any air conditioner (indelible and washable) to wet hair before entering the water.

Protect the color of the sun

Hats and scarves - the perfect solution. However, I want to demonstrate their bright color around. In this case, use a spray or cream with UV protection. For example, funds WellaSun, Redken UV Rescue, L'Oreal Professionnel.

 Bright color hair trend: How to save it?

Boost colors

If you use a semipermanent dyes, we can not be afraid to leave them on the hair for a long time. Try to do it. Even if the instruction refers to walking, the semipermanent dyes can be kept much longer, up to one hour, because they did not contain bleach. A color after such use becomes extremely bright. And updates the color of every two weeks, it will accumulate in the hair will be much brighter than when you first use.

Protect yourself while painting

Buy more disposable gloves, sometimes alone (which is in the box with paint) is not enough. Paint your nails before you dye your hair. At least transparent varnish. This protects them from yellowing and penetration of color in the nail plate. Use only plastic products for mixing and application of paint, it will prevent staining from the unexpected results. Immediately remove the paint from the skin if it got there. Protect your ears and neck from getting paint sold for this special lining.

 Bright color hair trend: How to save it?

Author: Julia Shestakova