Bug fixes hairdresser and their own ...
 How to disguise regrowth? How to get rid of static electricity? How to fix the bangs? These and other questions have answers. Do not be discouraged if your hair looks is not as we would like. Mistakes happen at all. The main thing - to learn how to correct them.

Too short bangs. What to do?

This is one of the most common complaints of the girls at the hairdressers. But it is unlikely to reassure you. We need to correct. Note that to a reasonable length bangs will grow by 4 to 6 weeks. And this time will have to make friends with bobby pins and styling products. If not dramatically short bangs and comes to eyebrows, then it can be fixed pins and gel on one side. Another idea - combed from the person upstairs. The bangs should be straight up and not lick the contour of the head. Just nacheshite and fix two almost invisible on his forehead.

 Bug fixes hairdresser and their own ...

Too dry hair. What to do?

Try an oil treatment for hair. There are ready oils, for example, the product Moroccanoil   - It is made from Argan oil moisturizes and nourishes with vitamins A and E. The oil is applied to the hair after a shower and before laying (oil is an additional protection against thermal effects of hot air). The hair becomes glossy in appearance and silky to the touch.

 Bug fixes hairdresser and their own ...

Homemade masks and body wraps effectively moisturize dry hair. The best solution for hair - coconut oil. It needs heat to simmer and apply on hair. To do this, divide the hair into sections and apply the oil with a brush, starting from the ends to the tip. Secure hair on top and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

 Bug fixes hairdresser and their own ...

During the night rumpled hair. What to do?

Revive your hair after sleeping very easy! Due to the humidity and sweat, they may lose their alertness, especially at the back. Take a spray bottle with water. You can add the water a little conditioner. Spray hair at the roots. Make it easy, you can as you use perfume for the body. That is, make a cloud of moisture and log in. After make a restyling of the roots with a hair dryer and brush.

Dyed hair fade. What to do?

Indeed, often the color "leaves", and becomes not so bright, as he was immediately after application. It is not necessary ahead of time to dye your hair again. Try to make the home colors of the amplifier. For brunettes suitable means of coffee. Half a cup of black coffee cool, apply on hair and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse shampoo. If you will turn blond, use 3 cups chilled chamomile tea, moisten their hair, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse. Red shades are enhanced tea rose hips, it is applied to the hair for 20 minutes before washing.

 Bug fixes hairdresser and their own ...

I painted the wrong color. What to do?

You came back from the cabin and realized that the color is not yours. It is not a rare situation, do not worry. The best advice - come back to the salon as soon as possible. The interiors have a strong detergent, such as a professional shampoo Prell, these tools can get rid of the unwanted color. Home remedies to correct too bright or not the right color is almost impossible. In addition, the hairdresser can be re-toning, to soften the color. But to do it must be professionals!

Hair is constantly electrified. What to do?

Static voltage in hair caused by a lack of moisture in the air. This often happens in winter. Moisten the air you are unlikely to be able to better more intensely moisturize the hair. To do this, use a leave-in conditioner daily. Apart from that, stylists have a trick for moisturizing hair. After you apply a daily moisturizer to the face, hands like "wipe" of the hair. This removes static electricity and tames unruly strands.

 Bug fixes hairdresser and their own ...

In general, do not be afraid to use moisturizer for the face - the hair. Thus, for example, makes known Bobby Brown   (founder of the brand Bobbi Brown). Hats also contribute to the fact that the hair electrified. In this case carry hairspray. After shooting cap, sprinkle with the palm of varnish and carry it through the hair.

 Bug fixes hairdresser and their own ...

Installation and cap is not compatible. What to do?

Better if you have somewhere to go hair upon entering the room (for example, in the ladies' room, or come early for work). Once removed the cap, apply a mousse for volume at the roots of the hair. You can even tilt your head down. Another trick - use the winter wave (curls, ringlets), wavy hair look not so flattened. Some manufacturers are even portable mini pliers that fit in your purse, and can be used directly in the office to correct curls.

 Bug fixes hairdresser and their own ...

The roots had grown, and staining enrolled only a week. What to do?

There is a solution for those who need to paint the gray roots. Take a cotton swab and dab it into a gel liner or eye color eyebrow wax, dye the hair roots. You can pick up a very good tone!
Author: Julia Shestakova