Co-voshing - a new fashion trend or real benefit?
 In the world of beauty, a new line of hair care - co-voshing. Its roots, as usual, are in the west, in Hollywood. In many magazines can be read as one or another star talks about how to change her hair after she began to apply the co-voshing. Let's see what it is, whether the new fashion trend, or does contain a grain of truth?

What is co-voshing, its differences and peculiarities

Thus, co-voshing (Co-washing - Conditioner Only Washing) - this shampoo with the air conditioner. Shampoo in this case is not used. It sounds strange, does not it? Initially, the idea came up for African American women who have unruly, coarse hair. To tame the stubborn curls, was invented method eliminates shampoo.

The most difficult thing, perhaps, is to overcome the belief - how the hair will be clean without shampoo? After all, we have done so all my life!

What is the difference between shampoo and conditioner? Any shampoo, even organic or natural, contains detergents - surfactants. They are cleaned, while at the same time dried scalp and hair, sometimes causing irritation and itching, particularly if sensitive scalp.

That is why co-voshing ideal can approach owners of a very sensitive scalp and dry, painted or exposed to chemical wave of hair.

 Co-voshing - a new fashion trend or real benefit?

Those girls who have such hair, almost never do without hair conditioner - or simply do not comb the hair. In addition, they are becoming more smooth, shiny, docile. Usually, air conditioner washed off immediately, but the longer it remains on the hair, the more pronounced the effect of it. And when co-voshinge air conditioner is recommended to leave on the hair for at least 5-7 minutes. The longer, the better the result.

When co-voshinge cleansing takes place exclusively by mechanical action - intensive scalp massage.

Those who have tried to co-voshing with certainty say that once went to him, the state of their hair improved significantly, they have smooth, shiny, as in advertising, and the interval between washing heads - increased.

Co-voshing at home:

The most important and practically the only condition that must be considered when choosing a conditioner to-voshinga - it should not contain silicones in its composition, since silicone is capable clog pores and negate all the benefits of the procedure.

From shampoos and conditioners silicone referred to as dimethicone and other substances with ending -cone (cyclomethicone, methicone, phenyl trimethicone, simethicone, and others). For the rest, it can be the most affordable and even cheaper air conditioning - no difference. You can safely choose cheaper options, as flow from the air conditioner turns out big, and in the case of long hair - very big.

 Co-voshing - a new fashion trend or real benefit?

Procedure for:

How to properly carry out the procedure of co-voshinga? Keep in mind that it will take a little longer than usual shampoo. It is not suitable for those who are not willing to spend on it for more than 5 minutes as simply distribute the conditioner on the hair and wash it - is not enough. So:

1. Thoroughly comb your hair before washing.

2. It is well washed with warm water and damp - it will open the scales of the hair and remove the remnants of styling products. It is imperative that all of the hair were soaked with moisture, and had no dry areas.

3. Apply liberally to the roots of the air conditioner is first, and then the entire length of hair. The amount of conditioner should be much larger than a shampoo, since it does not foam, and the need to thoroughly soak the hair conditioner.

4. And then the main thing - a thorough massage of the head, at least 5 minutes (the longer - the better), as head cleaning takes place mechanically. If necessary, you need to add water, although foaming conditioner still will not.

5. Comb hair comb with a few teeth and leave to act for 5 minutes.

5. Finally, thoroughly wash the hair with water. Conditioning shampoo wash off worse, threatening to stay on the hair. If the hair is not completely rinsed, they may look dirty and unkempt.

 Co-voshing - a new fashion trend or real benefit?


Summarizing, we can say that this method is good for those who want to restore your hair after coloring, perms and aggressive environmental influences, as well as people with sensitive and irritated scalp, poorly responsive to silicones.

I would like to note that by this method will take some time getting used to - about two weeks, then the effect will be cumulative, and the hair will look better and better.

Yet co-voshing can not completely displace shampoo as conditioner contains other chemicals that with prolonged use, can lead to hair loss. So about once every 2 months it is necessary to use a deep cleansing or detox shampoo.
Author: Catherine K.