Curler - true or relic of the past?
 It has long been no secret that we always want to change something that is given to us by nature. For example, women who have curly, curly hair want straight. Conversely, those girls whose hair is straight as straw, dreaming of a lush and light curls.

All people love variety, especially women. They are easily bored with the monotonous routine, the same hair, the same makeup. Every day is the same! And here, perhaps, every woman dreams of a weekend when it will be able to experiment, to make something new in my life. And one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways - is to make yourself a new hairstyle using curlers.

Of course, you can do and perm in the salon, but still chemistry - is a complex process, and it spoils the hair. In addition, the fundamental difference from the perm styling using curlers in time, which will hold curls. If you are tired of curls, then you need to wait until the hair grow back, and only then cut off. And after laying his head and washed it all. You once again with their loved ones hair.

You can make stacking using curling irons or hair dryer. However, the effect will not last long curls. But dry and brittle hair will be treated for several weeks. Besides, forceps can easily overdo and burn their precious hair.

To create a light curls are best suited the old fashioned way - curlers. They are friendly, not expensive, they can be used to make hair, without leaving home. Curlers still used by our grandmothers to create playful curls. And thanks to modern modernization curlers have become much easier and more perfect.

Curlers and their varieties

Ways many irons, hair curlers, too, have different shapes and materials. From what curler you will use depends on the result. Some provide light wave, others make small curls that look very voluminous.

Hair curlers, boomerangs

 Curler - true or relic of the past?

Perhaps the most convenient-to-use hair curlers - it boomerangs. Such hair curlers are suitable for any length. With boomerangs can be fixed quickly and permanently locks. The smaller the curls you want to get, the smaller diameter to choose curlers. And for the creation of large strands, use a larger diameter. Boomerangs are made from thick, soft foam, so they are very comfortable to sleep. And in the morning you will get a pleasant result, beautiful, smooth, without deformations curls.

Foam rollers

 Curler - true or relic of the past?

With such curlers are also very comfortable to sleep, they are soft. But there is one drawback to the night packing. Due to the fact that they are too soft, you can get morning unpredictable effect, since they can take any shape. If your hair is very long, it is hard to close the curler.

Curler Velcro

 Curler - true or relic of the past?

The very name suggests that they are more convenient than other types of hair curlers. Kolyuchkovataya surface allows a good hold on the hair and does not require any additional or zakolochek rezinochek. The Velcro curlers, hair dry faster. Curler with a larger diameter are ideal for creating volume hairstyles. Curls are obtained surprisingly soft and lifted from the roots. However, women who are fragile, easily tangle and long hair is better not to use such curlers. Hair can become entangled when removing the curlers.

Metallic curlers

 Curler - true or relic of the past?

Externally, they are very similar to Velcro, but there is a significant difference in the case. It is their metal and the fact that they were kept, it is necessary to use a special stick. These undesirable hair curlers dry hair dryer, as the heated metal is harmful for hair.

Velvet curlers

 Curler - true or relic of the past?

A very useful thing - rollers with velor coating. These rollers are often used by professional stylists. Velvet curlers provide the most gentle and delicate packing. A variety of diameters and lengths can create any hairstyle, regardless of the length of hair. Fixed rollers using plastic sticks. Unfortunately, with such wonderful night curlers must lie not. But if you do not care about the health of your hair and the opinion of experts, try to use these rollers.


 Curler - true or relic of the past?

They are mainly used for perm. Bobbins have a small diameter and allow us to make small curls in the African style. However, after a wave of hair quite difficult to comb. Make a nice hairstyle using bobbins can be so: a few pryadok cheat on curlers, framing the face, and you can get a charming small curls around her face.

Plastic termobigudi

 Curler - true or relic of the past?

The main undoubted advantages termobigudi that curls are obtained quickly and easily. For example, curling the hair of medium length takes 10-20 minutes. Before using the curler just need a little warm up in hot water. The most convenient way to use the curler on short to medium hair. Since the long hair of the heat may not be enough. However, the heated rollers should not be used too often. It is better to use them in the most extreme cases - with a shortage of time.

  Latest whether curlers today?

Despite the fact that the rollers used our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, they have not lost their relevance today. All kinds of curling irons and could not displace them from use. Especially that curlers have also changed and improved.

Today, to create interesting hair curlers use even in interiors. Although recent years were in fashion, straight hair, in 2013 again will begin to revive interest in curls. Do not miss the chance to make his current hairstyle and bright.
Author: Marina Sun