Dandruff - my enemy!
 What is dandruff? Dandruff - flakes is produced in an excess amount on the scalp. The reasons for the formation of dandruff is not enough. This may be a genetic predisposition, and insufficient blood circulation in the scalp, and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and the wrong hair care.

Who in our day are not familiar with this scourge? All it brings a lot of problems and a huge discomfort. Excellent stylists and specialists in beauty salons will certainly help you in the fight against dandruff. But there are many who can afford such expensive treatment?

Of course, dandruff - a disease, but it came to us yesterday. What did then our predecessors, our grandmothers? Oh, of course in those days there was no world-famous brand of dandruff shampoos. But our mothers and grandmothers have been experience and wildlife. Lots old recipes   relevant today, especially in such economically unstable time. Let me give you some of them:

- Water with witch hazel.   It is water-based witch hazel - old home remedy for copious formation of fat and dandruff. Recipe: Three drops of essential oil melissovogo with 20 ml of alcohol tincture of birch leaves. Then add 80 ml of tincture of witch hazel, and all thoroughly. This water massage the scalp for two weeks, for five minutes morning and evening.

- Water with fruit vinegar . To improve blood circulation in the scalp can be mixed one to one fruit vinegar and distilled water. This mixture should be rubbed into the skin of the head between washing hair.

I, to improve blood circulation in the scalp, as regularly use the tincture of burning (cayenne) pepper. It not only improves circulation, but also promotes the healing of micro and strengthens hair follicles. For ease of application, I merged tincture of bottles in a container of hair spray. Spray more economical and convenient. Do not forget to wash the next day. (Note: some will burn, but it's more like a pourable heat).


 Dandruff - my enemy!
   - 50 grams of lupine seeds; 30 grams of moss; 30 grams of willow bark; 1 liter of water. Mix the ingredients in an enamel saucepan and simmer for ten minutes. Strain and cool slightly. This broth to wash my hair every night for two weeks.

- All the ingredients mixed in equal parts (a teaspoon): thyme; Horsetail and rosemary; 100 milliliters of boiling water; fruit vinegar. Mixed grass cover with boiling water, add a little vinegar and let it brew. The resulting extract rinse hair after washing. Gentle movements massage in tincture into the scalp and rinse. This means inhibits fat formation sebaceous glands, as well as soothes inflammation.

- 100 grams of nettle seeds; 200 milliliters of water; 50 grams of the root mylnjanki; 200 gram of castor oil. Seeds of nettles, the Gulf of water, boil for ten minutes. Then add the root Saponaria and simmer for another ten minutes. A mixture of strain and mix with castor oil. By this means every evening massage the scalp. But there is a caveat: nettle seeds in the old days was also used to get rid of unwanted hair, so the most important thing - keep the proportions and not to overdo it with nettle seeds.

Today the cosmetic industry is not asleep, and any shampoo suitable for your hair type in its own good. But if you can make it a little better, why not. This can be done in a bottle of shampoo add essential oil. It can be tea tree oil, bergamot oil, patchouli oil (given those oils that I use very often). These oils regulate the fat content of the hair and prevent dandruff. To do this, 100 ml of neutral pH shampoo add 60 drops of oil. Or, if you do not want to enrich the shampoo, you can add your chosen oil into the water for rinsing the rate of about five drops per liter of water.

 Dandruff - my enemy!
   In addition to these oils help dandruff aromatic oil from the well-known and common plants in our country:
- Lavender,
- Lemon,
- Rosemary
- Sage,
- Eucalyptus.

Remember that the use of creamy shampoos require a more thorough rinse, shampoo rather than transparent.

 Dandruff - my enemy!
 If the symptoms of dandruff are present such as:
- Itching and irritation of the scalp.
- Dandruff falls in large flakes.
- The resulting yellow crusts on the scalp.
- Red spots and inflammation.
It is necessary to seek medical attention .

Each person has different reaction of hair on the same matter. So you need to try, because of the above mentioned agents is more suitable for you. Know that the blood circulation in the scalp and the production of oil by the sebaceous glands are directly dependent on mental health.

Be healthy and beautiful!
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova