Dirty hair? No, it's great!
 Inspired by the movement «shampoo free» (without shampoo), the author of the material did not wash your hair for five weeks! And now she says that her hair has never been so healthy now. Read also the story of a woman who refused to shampoo 4 years ago (!), And no regrets.

If you remember, at our site have been published one experience life without shampoo. Read interesting & gt; & gt; & gt ;. Now, new experiments.

History First
This story was published blogger Amber Genuske (http://www.stylelist.com/amber-genuske), she writes for Stylist.com.

"I have a bright and long hair. I try to monitor them, and never thought I could live without shampoo more than a week. And then five weeks! It's very simple: I got into an environment where there was absolutely no opportunity to wash my hair. That is what helped to understand how great is not to wash your hair frequently.

In the summer of 2010, I traveled to Pristina, Kosovo. It was a tour-training for students from non-profit organization. Kosovo at that time had already recovered from the Balkan wars 90s, and level of comfort provided to us was quite acceptable. Only except for our shower.

Shower in our apartment was, but it was such a trickle uncomfortable that I could not thoroughly wash my long hair. But I used to wash my hair every other day. But under such circumstances, I decided never to wash your hair, do not fret. And tested all the time internship with a terrible mess on your head.

But what about the miracle of healthy hair? It began later. When I returned to the States, I instantly went into the shower to rinse your hair thoroughly. And when it began to dry them with a towel, I noticed that a lot has changed. I returned from Kosovo with beautiful hair!

 Dirty hair? No, it's great!
Amber shows her healthy hair as they began after five weeks without shampoo.

They became elastic, dense, thick, no split ends and generally no discomfort even when combing!

Of course, after such a success, I decided that I will no longer torment his precious hair shampoos and conditioners, from which they thinned and became lethargic. Now my departure is. Of course, I do not expect that will take 5 weeks before I wash my hair. Now I wash my hair once a week. In between washing use baby powder on the type of dry shampoo. Why baby powder? I think she has the most natural composition. And yet - just compare the price of a good dry shampoo and baby powder - a difference of almost 5 times!

It turns out that five weeks, I was worried about her hair, turned really great for them. I finally thought about how much unnecessary chemicals poured on the hair, they, the poor suffer, and it affects their health. "

Second Story
Four years living without shampoo blogger Cherie Ve Ard (http://www.technomadia.com/author/serolynne/). And she also said that her hair has never been so healthy and obedient as they are now. Here are her confession.

"Notice I did not say that I am not my head, I just do not use shampoo. Cleanses the hair a natural recipe: Soda plus apple cider vinegar.

It all began in 2007. Then my hair was terribly dry, brittle and entangled. The salvation was that I learned about the whole movement «nopoo» ​​(without shampoo) and decided to try. I had nothing to lose, my hair was just terrible.

I learned that people do not simply do not need shampoo, but they are still bad for us. Shampoo your hair robs natural oils to fill them with air conditioning and we are trying the same shampoo, but again and again deprived of oil. The pursuit of moisture becomes infinite. Modern shampoos contain many chemicals, including mineral oils (byproducts of oil refining), sodium lauryl sulfate (body contact with it generally contraindicated!).

 Dirty hair? No, it's great!
This is now our second heroine. And do not think that a person does not use shampoo!

So 4 years without shampoo. What has changed in my hair? I honestly try to summarize:

- To improve the appearance of hair. Previously, they were curly, unruly.
- I save a lot of money on buying shampoos and conditioners.
- Saving both time and. Quick shower - that's what I need on a daily basis, and I have my hair no more than once a week lately - just twice a month.
- Water saving and eco-clean, I'm not polluting the environment: do not throw the packaging, I do not wash off in the sewage chemicals.

I can argue with those who are still doubts that without shampoo to live better. Many people believe that hair will smell bad. This is not true. My apple smell or just fresh (apple because apple cider vinegar).

Another misconception - the hair without shampoo bad fit. This is not so. On the contrary, more obedient hair better styling. Once I tried to air-conditioning, and it was awful. Hair again began to dry ridge. I saved the jojoba oil. I still use it, sometimes I put or render after washing your hair a few drops of jojoba oil on the hair, they fit better, and there is a good shine. "

As you these two stories? You try to live without shampoo?
Author: Your Tamara