Dry shampoo spray: do not need, and water!
 Just yesterday, the hair was thoroughly washed and stacked, and today look greasy, especially at the roots and bang ... a long journey from the unkempt appearance of hair accessories have to save that is now in vogue - scarves and berets. After a night in the train on arrival in a foreign city has to first of all look for a shower, to wash your hair, and the unexpected release of the always causes panic, because it is necessary, planning fees to provide time for shampooing and styling.

Common situation? Excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands - the scourge of our time. Sebum - sebium - naturally released during the day and distributed on the hair. Frequent shampooing stimulate more active sebaceous glands. As a result, on the second day hair look messy. But really so hopeless? Along with special shampoo for oily hair treatment apparatus and ampoule darsonval care, modern cosmetology offers dry shampoos, aerosols (not to be confused with a dry shampoo, soap!), Absorbing fat and quickly leading hair in order without water!

Dry shampoo is a powder aerosol, which should be sprayed on the greasy hair. The composition of the dry shampoo allows you to absorb fat and refresh hair without water. As an absorbent, tend to act white clay, extracts of rice, corn or oats. Also in the dry shampoos include triclosan, providing antimicrobial protection, and extracts of essential oils.

How to use
When applied dry shampoo is quite simple. It is necessary to shake the bottle and spray means, like lacquer for the hair from a distance of 20 cm. Then the massage spread by means of a bang, hair roots and, if necessary, over the entire length. Leave the powder on the hair for a few minutes. At the end of the procedure carefully comb out the hair with dry shampoo.

 Dry shampoo spray: do not need, and water!
 Why dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is not an alternative to the usual shampoo. On an ongoing basis it is not recommended. But in some cases it is really indispensable. Dry shampoo really help out when disconnecting water for emergency preparations to receive guests, a long journey, a business trip, with disease associated with bed rest. After all, dry shampoo in handy in the morning, when simply do not have the strength to rise early for the traditional washing of the head.

As a result of the dry shampoo your hair will look not only cleaner, but also gain additional volume. So dry shampoo can even be used as styling products.

Spray dry shampoo is quite compact (150 ml, at least 75 ml), so it is very convenient to always have it with you in a handbag in case you need extra cause hair in order, for example, if after work suddenly be making a social event, a time a hairdresser or a ride home there.

Dry shampoos are scented, so after their application hair will look not only cleaner, but also will smell nice.

Disadvantages of dry shampoo
Again, dry shampoo to abuse for the purpose of beauty is not necessary . Yet, it is a tool designed more for emergencies. Frequent use dry shampoo will cause that collects the remnants of fat, styling products and most shampoo provoke dandruff or hair loss.

Also, do not forget that the dry shampoo light color. Therefore, brunettes and brown-haired women after using the dry shampoo may remain particles funds for dark strands and clothing.

In addition, depleted and over-dried hair, dry shampoo can further ruin.

Prototypes dry shampoo
That of greasy hair can be removed without water, I first heard from my grandmother, even when I was in junior high. Granny offered sprinkle flour hair roots. Flour perfectly absorbs grease and dirt. Only then was carefully combed a homemade dry shampoo from her hair. Instead of flour with the same function excellent job starch, talc powder, crushed orris root, baby powder, salt, cocoa powder.

 Dry shampoo spray: do not need, and water!
 Recipes dry shampoo

- Recipe №1
half a cup of ground oatmeal,
half a cup of white salt.

- Recipe №2
half a cup of ground almonds,
half a cup of flour.

- Recipe №3
cup of corn flour,
a teaspoon of salt.

- Recipe №4
2 tbsp. cornstarch
1 tbsp. a spoonful of crushed almonds,
1 tbsp. spoon crushed iris root.

- Recipe №5
Replace soda, flour or starch in the previous recipe for cocoa powder.

Council:   For convenience, the manufactured home dry shampoo, you can fall asleep in the salt shaker with large holes.

Market Overview of dry shampoos
On the market today there are several brands of dry shampoo.

 Dry shampoo spray: do not need, and water!
   One of the most attractive for the price - a dry shampoo for oily hair "Expert-Balance" from "Oriflame" . The product contains menthol, glycerin and vitamin E. Menthol gives a feeling of freshness. Glycerin gives hair a healthy look well-groomed. Vitamin E is known to be a powerful antioxidant and protects the hair cuticle from the effects of adverse environmental factors. Promotional price: about $ 4

 Dry shampoo spray: do not need, and water!
   Dry shampoo Naturia Rene Furterer   It is a complex of white clay, rice and maize starch, vitamins B5, essential oils of basil, mint and cumin. Accord of these essential oils promotes healthy scalp and free from fat. Estimated price: about 33 USD

 Dry shampoo spray: do not need, and water!
 French brand Kloran   It offers just two varieties of dry shampoo - with oat milk and extract of nettle. Estimated price: about $ 15

 Dry shampoo spray: do not need, and water!
   Also, his version of dry shampoo brand offers TONY & GUY . Estimated price: about 13 USD

and all the neat goals!

Author: Natalia Hryshko
Source: MyJane.ru