Everything about combing hair
 We know that the combs should be periodically cleaned and replaced. But what to choose a comb?
We know that brushing should not hurt the hair. And that's how it really do?
It is time to learn about everything connected with combing hair.

What are the rules for combing hair, you know? Do not comb wet hair, do not do it too aggressively towards the hair ... And what else?

There is an opinion that it is necessary to do at least 100 daily combing. Hairdressers say: one hundred, maybe it is not necessary, but it is better not to comb one or two times. The fact that the skin oil has to be distributed on the scalp and hair, not only to build up on the skin. Therefore, several consecutive combing, which reach the scalp, you need to do.

First - Prevention
In any case better to prevent than to deal with the consequences. And if combing - this procedure is quite stressful for hair associated with hair breakage and damage, first try to wake up with less entangled hair.

- Atlas and silk.   Somehow American stylists call it a secret "secret of Marilyn Monroe." But silk underwear asleep long before the birth of the most famous blonde of all time. The only thing we can agree with is the fact that this trick really works. Satin or silk pillowcase hair moisturized allows you to leave, you will not confuse or break them during sleep.

- Spit and beams at night.   This is not only a way to save time in the morning packing, but trick to avoid breakage of hair while you sleep. The only advice - braid braids is not much, and beams to make free, to keep the hair supple and flexible and allow them to "breathe."

- Spreads and not washed.   If you sleep on your side, the hair can become asymmetric, lose volume. This is not a reason to wash your hair again and torment their styling tools. Just take a hair dryer and direct a jet of hot air to the hair roots where they crumpled. Under the influence of hot air hair straightened, and you do not need a new styling.

- Dry shampoo.   Buy dry shampoo or do yourself (in detail here on how to make your dry shampoo & gt; & gt; & gt;). This product helps to avoid frequent washing and styling will be a good tool. During sleep, the hair becomes greasy. And that leads us back to wash them. Instead of washing your hair apply a dry shampoo, and then proceed with the laying of hot.

- Caring for the bang.   Bangs gets greasy hair much faster than others, and this causes frequent washing. Instead, buy a good clip, clips, do not break the hair. Stabs bangs to one side during sleep, the morning pour over hot hairdryer and again lathering the hair you do not have.

What you need comb
There are several basic types of combs. Check whether the appropriate comb you use. I realized that I needed almost all of the options.

 Everything about combing hair
   - Round brush
This comb is used if you need a scope or effect of the vortex during blow-drying. It can also create a small curl. If you need a brush, pay attention to the news with a ceramic base, this comb will hold heat longer and will curl more resilient and durable.

If a round brush will air vents - too good, it protects the hair from overheating during installation, as well as direct heat on the hair roots, which will slightly increase the volume at the roots.

 Everything about combing hair
 - Semicircular brush
Company Denman (Denman) first proposed this form of combs, and now this oblong brush is often the name of Denman. This brush allows you to do a little curl at the ends of the hair and give shine to hair. Ideal for hairstyle "Bob".

 Everything about combing hair
 - Paddle
Witty name directly corresponds to the shape of a comb. This comb for daily brushing. The shape - flat and wide, can be oval, and rectangular. If the bristles are natural - the hair will shine well.

Flat brush are made of plastic, wood or ceramic. The bristles can be natural (e.g., wild boar) may be synthetic or may be mixed (for example, natural bristles and synthetic tip). Flat brush as other brushes, provide a stimulating massage of the scalp, skin and distributes more uniformly over the surface of the oil and head hair.

One of the latest innovations - ionised bristles. Ions reduce static electricity and help to close the cuticle.

 Everything about combing hair
 - Brushes "military"
It is the same with the mind of the brush as the previous, but without handles. The name of "military" came from the US military, which used it such combs. It was believed that it is more manly and comfortable, with a mean thought that the guy just smooth hair, and at the same time was able to hold a cigarette in the other hand.

These brushes are mostly made of natural bristles and suitable for old-fashioned hairstyles, when, for example, you slicked back hair without styling products.

 Everything about combing hair
 - With rare teeth
Such a comb to gently comb the wet hair after washing before blow-drying. It is also good to divide the hair into sections when doing elaborate hairstyles.

 Everything about combing hair
 - With frequent teeth
For short hair and sophisticated hairstyles. It is also used for laying under the "wet hair".

Synthetic or natural?
On the one hand, natural is always better than synthetics. However, this is not true of the comb. It is worth to make a choice depending on your hair type. A professional masters in beauty salons, if you notice, and is used in synthetic bristle hairbrushes, and life.

Synthetic combs are best suited for thick hair, as well as strong and frizzy. For such synthetic hair will not generate static electricity. With thin hair and normal type - all the way around. For them, better use of natural bristle. Softer bristles suitable thinner hair. It is easy to massage the scalp, releasing the hair from skin oils, a gentle massage promotes hair growth, increases blood circulation. Hard massage thin hair hurt them, destroy.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin