Getting rid of the split ends without haircuts
 Did you notice that the hair grew? After the summer they grow a little bit faster. I so want to be like a little longer with long hair. The only problem of split ends. Let's try to solve it without such a fundamental decision as the haircut. And you go to the stylist in the fall.

Split ends indicate that your hair is subjected to a harsh and hard impacts. Whether chemicals, hot curling, sun, salt water, and even poor nutrition. So you can thank the hair, they give you an important message. After all, these changes are not fatal, you can return your tips healthy look without cutting length.

Instead of cutting off the tips, you can seal them with the help of modern food and homemade recipes.

1. Masks for the hair ends.   This product is now sold in any shop. But a few years ago, hair masks were an innovation. You can do your part and that will seal and heal damaged hair ends. Normally enough to apply the mask 1 every 2 weeks. But when you need a "first aid" tips - regularity should be increased to 1 times in 1 week, as long as the tips will not be healthy.

If you apply the mask, not the roots, and in the lower half of the length of the hair, the hair will not weigh down and blow not give problems.

Among the most effective, and with it the most accessible, the ingredients for masks against split ends are: olive oil, avocados, honey, banana, fruit. Now the network popular Indian recipe from the mask split ends.

Indian mask from split ends

Ingredients:   1 egg yolk, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon of honey.

Preparation: First, mix 3 tablespoons butter with egg yolk, whisk. Then stir into the mixture id = 3752 and then all whisk. The mixture should not flow down the hair, honey is not better to take liquid.

Apply this mask on the split ends of hair for 1 hour before washing. Then wash your hair as usual. You will immediately see a big difference, and in some applications, split ends disappear altogether. Use every 2 weeks.

Masks from producers

There are variations of masks from cosmetic companies. Look closely at the options from well-known brands that specialize in products for hair care. For example, a series of Garnier Fructis is called "Goodbye, split ends," or an updated line of Garnier Fructis «SOS Recovery», revives for split ends and damaged hair. Pantene PRO-V offers a serum for split ends (they should be used as well as mask) "Instant recovery" and Advanced Keratin Repair (250 rub. And 730 rub.), And L'Oreal Elsev has a line of "Full recovery of split ends" (balsam-mask at a price of 120 rubles.).

 Getting rid of the split ends without haircuts

2. The leave-in conditioner

There are air conditioners such as "leave-in". Such a product can be used daily, each morning. Leave-in conditioner for removing split ends. After applying it remains on the hair and protects it from external influences. Conventional air-conditioning does not work on split ends, used daily, which should not be washed off.

3. The oil wrap

Olive oil works wonders to seal split ends. And oil wrap can be much easier than you imagine. Here, for example, how to do it at home.

Heat a small bowl with butter. But only the heat, but do not do very hot, and in any case do not bring to a boil. Oil need only a little heat to activate its effect. Massage the hair ends with the oil, then spread up the excess oil. Then wrap your head warm, damp towel and leave for about an hour. After - wash your hair as usual. You will see that the split ends are gone.

If you get the idea to get rid of split ends only, then it also has a number of ways.

How to cut off split ends only, not length

If you do not have time to wait for your hair to restore its former health, you can try to cut. But not the entire length, but only the split ends. There are several ways. Some are successful, some - not much - take your pick.

1. The method of twisting. The easiest way to get rid of split ends. It is necessary to twist in a very small strand of elastic flagellum, and you will see the very tips of which should be to cut off. We advise to use with the small nail scissors. Take your time and take this process on each strand of hair.

2. Split Ender. We heard of this invention as the Split Ender? Literally, it means "removing the tips." This is a very ingenious device. Externally - comb, combing hair but pass through a special drum that removes hair from split ends. Damaged tips are collected in a special container. Thus any excess millimeter length of hair is not removed.

 Getting rid of the split ends without haircuts

And do not forget about the prevention of split ends. And it is simple:

- Do not rub wet hair with a towel;

- Eat a healthy diet rich in protein and vitamin E;

- Do not brush wet hair;

- Do not use metal combs and brushes, especially when heated hairdryer;

- Reduce heat;

- Protects hair from thermal effects.

Another important tip from the pros stylists. Treat your hair as a precious finest fabrics: very cautiously, carefully. Apply the product slowly and carefully rinse as well. In general, your hair needs only a "delicate cycle."
Author: Vasilisa Cousin