Grow hair
 Grow hair in the spring - not a bad idea! But how to help your hair grow faster? Secrets are not so many, these are the main. By the way, they will be useful to those who have not yet set himself the aim to grow hair.

- To cut. The blogosphere is continuing debate about whether to cut hair when to grow. Logic supporters regular haircut is simple: healthy hair grows faster, and slow the growth of split ends. But there are frequent haircuts opponents who say that to what it does not, the hair will not grow when they are regularly cut. Let us consider the "golden mean." If you have any tips of your way to keep hair healthy, you do not need a haircut you. Remember the main thing - to split ends hair grow long, but often stunted. As an alternative trimming can offer quality care tips (with masks and balms) as well as a haircut hot scissors (as if such a method solders the hair, allowing it to be destroyed for a long time, the effect lasts longer than ordinary scissors).

- Hot oil. Massage the scalp with hot oil helps hair stay healthy and relaxes the scalp, activates blood circulation in the scalp. All of this should benefit more intensive growth. The procedure is best done not more than 1 time per week.

 Grow hair
 - Egg white. This mask massage has established itself as a good and affordable home remedies for hair growth. Onions and other odorous folk remedies still not suitable working and leading an active lifestyle girls agree. Take three eggs whites, whisk (not much). Massaging the scalp with the mixture and leave for 5-10 minutes. The proteins will nourish the hair roots and the hair itself, the hair will be stronger, thicker and more active in growth. Rinse with hot water is not! And that proteins can cook.

- Drink water. Do not forget that the secret of beauty and health. Hair grows much faster if they are wet. But they moisture from the body enters the least, as in skin, internal organs when hydrated. Not consuming enough water, you are depriving it primarily skin and hair, because they feed on leftovers. Do not forget about water ever!

- Proper drying. Sometimes, in order to enhance the growth of hair is enough for something to do, rather than resorting to complex recipes. One such action - a hot dryer. Keep it to a minimum. Even if you washed your hair in the morning and without a hair dryer just do not do, dry your hair at the last moment. Let them as long as possible to dry naturally. And you will only have a minute or two to dry them completely.

- Proteins in food. Protein meals are beneficial hair growth, and nutritionists are increasingly welcome protein-rich diet as a first step towards the normalization of weight. The diet must be present: a red lean meat, chicken, fish, nuts, dairy products and eggs. Then you get enough protein, and it will last for the whole body, and hair.

- Vitamin B. This vitamin is vitamin feel of hair growth. In many modern means of hair contained check. Vitamin B prevents hair become dry and brittle, which immediately reduces their ability to grow. To increase its reserves of this vitamin can help bananas and pepper, these products have in sufficient quantities in our supermarkets all year round.

 Grow hair
 - Give up the shampoo. Sounds weird? But it works, I tell on their own, because they tried. Recently I do not use shampoo. Of course, not just used to having no foam on the hair when they wash. But the sense of beauty. What do I wash my hair? The air-conditioned! This way of washing hair is already called co-washing, especially good effect it has, if you have dry scalp, weak hair, age hair problems. I will say that I have definitely gone dry scalp after washing hair soft and docile as a child. Oh, and growth intensified. About split ends, I forgot, I feel the touch vitality and moisturizing hair. Now I am looking for a more natural air conditioners and rinses, with a minimum of harsh chemicals.
Author: Julia Shestakova