Hair after the summer: moisturizes and nourishes
 New season - new hair! Yes, every season has its own characteristics. In the summer we even liked the curls disobedient locks waving in the wind, sun bleached hair ... That autumn I want to smooth and strong hair, so no dryness, no split ends.

Then down to business! I tested a lot of money to get rid of the damage and dryness of summer. And here are my findings autumn.

Three new shampoo on dry hair

Generally, there may be more. Gone are the days when the gloss advised to find another agent and its use only to them. For example, Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian)   in an interview with the publication Stellar   said that in her constant use 20 different shampoos and conditioners. I tried five shampoos for dry and damaged hair, and stood at three.

1.   First on my hit parade is a shampoo John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Illuminating Shampoo With Crystalline Complex . One blogger somehow titled his post on the means John Frieda   So "Thank you, Lord, for John Frieda! " . Ridiculous, of course. But I also think John Frieda salvation. Such splendor at my hair was not, perhaps, more than ever. I tried the line for brunettes ( Brilliant Brunette ) Since before the fall painted over all the sun faded strands and want to have smooth and flowing, healthy hair. I got it from John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine . Indeed Liquid Shine! No dry and unruly hair. By the way, there is such a luxurious shine shampoo for women with other hair color.

2.   The second discovery - Herbal Essences Hello Hydration . And, the truth, "Hello, moisturizing! ". Shampoo with plant extracts of silk and great coconut flavor. This shampoo proves that it is not necessary to spend a fortune on beautiful hair, it is three times cheaper than John Frieda. By the way, I met this product in many consumer surveys and awards «Beauty Awards», and it is impressive.

3.   The third means that I trust - is L'Occitane Radiance and Colour Care Shampoo Shampoo for colored hair. This new product without parabens and sulfates, which will please the supporters of the movement "shampoo-free", however, is not cheap. Shampoo designed for colored hair to retain their color and shine. And, like all the products of the French brand, enriched with oils and herbal extracts. There - oils of geranium, rosemary, bergamot. Among the shortcomings - only the high price.

 Hair after the summer: moisturizes and nourishes

Three masks of dry and damaged hair

Shampoos to get rid of dullness and dryness is not enough. Shampoos just washed hair and a little caring. Once a week to do restoring mask. This is a very pleasant procedure. Hair exempt from gravity, the skin of the head - on voltage. I advise you to try. The only question is what kind of mask to choose? I have three suggestions. And not just from the store.

1.   Recommend Can any mask from Pantene . Shampoo does not like everything, but the mask - everything. For fall, I chose a mask "Intensive Smoothing 2 minutes' . I liked that means "quick", ie it is not necessary to cut out a lot of time sitting in a bathtub with a mask. It smoothes and nourishes the hair healthy. No complaints. And consistency is good, it does not leak, the cream fits well to the hair without slipping.

 Hair after the summer: moisturizes and nourishes

2.   Number two, I suggest a good homemade mask. It is particularly appeal to those who do not like to put on hair oils, fatty texture. Funds for the broth and herbs rye bread. To do so. First, take a tablespoon of crushed leaves of plantain, nettle and oregano. I nettles harvested itself and the remaining herbs buy at the pharmacy. Pour a glass of boiling water the grass and leave an hour. Then strain and add the pulp rye bread. Apply massage on the scalp and spread through hair. Put a cap and leave on the hair for an hour or two. Rinse with boiled water is best.

3.   A third mask is one of those "super-easy." Indeed, only two ingredients. The yolk and olive oil (a tablespoon). Mix, apply on hair for half an hour and wash off the cream-mask.   Very simple, but so effective!

Three Tips for dry hair, and jaded summer

Finally, we recall the simple truths that will help your hair during the transition in the fall.

1.   Vitamins help restore your hair after the summer: vitamin A (retinol), B vitamins (B1, B2, B8, B9), vitamins C and E, vitamin F.

2.   In the daily diet must include the following foods: egg yolk, butter, carrots, apricots, sea buckthorn, cod liver oil, bread from wheat flour, pumpkin seeds, nuts and legumes.

3.   The purchased masks and balms for the hair look these ingredients: keratin, sunflower extract, bamboo extract, almond.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin