Hair, be tight! Or something about alopecia
 For almost a year I suffer from this disease hair as nesting alopecia. What I just did not do and who only did not address. There was a lot of money spent on tests, doctors and allegedly miraculous drugs. Total wind I threw about ten thousand. For me this is a very serious amount. One day, another doctor to whom I came to the reception, experienced triholog not find out what the cause of my illness, I was sent to his old friend, the doctor-neurologist, practicing acupuncture.

This doctor, after a course of treatment, first suggested to me not to get involved doroguschy procedures and to meet good old folk recipes to act to the contrary. Once alopecia, it means primarily strengthening the hair roots all known methods.

Briefly I tell you, What is alopecia   and how to treat it.

Alopecia - a disease of the hair. Tufts of hair fall out, usually with female alopecia - in a circle, forming a receding hairline.

So far, the cause of this disease is not fully understood. But scientists believe that overwrought nerves, active and passive smoking as well as the hormones the most influence on the development of alopecia.

Do not forget about heredity! If someone in your family there was such a thing, it is no secret that under favorable circumstances and you can be pretty miserable owner of thinning hair.

Even after the formation of the newly grown hair zalysinki and without external interference, we should not deceive ourselves on this account. If an outbreak is overgrown, then when the opportunity somewhere near it may be the second, third, and so on. Alopecia is the stage of exacerbation and remission, but to the end it is very difficult to cure. Only experienced triholog and physical therapist can help you. However, not all in the hands of experts. ethnoscience   It offers us a lot of recipes and recommendations to strengthen the hair.

 Hair, be tight! Or something about alopecia
   I've been working on the problem. It was in constant search of new and really effective recipes. Today, I am a doctor about your hair five times a week. But it's healing and recommend to strengthen all of the following recipes 2-3 times a week. I worked out for themselves a course which agreed with your doctor. Progressive result on the face. But it seemed to me not so long ago. Persistence and perseverance again, and, of course, love to his darling. At twenty-two, I do not want to be bald. Love yourself and pamper your tresses.

And today, I decided to combine all of their new recipes for hair. That is to say, for you, my dear. Enjoy and be sure they are "Hurrah."

- On the recommendation of his doctor, I for a month every day greased hair roots mixture of castor oil and Dimexidum About 1: 1 .. This procedure improves blood circulation in the scalp, and therefore the power of our hair bulblets.

- There is another option: tincture of cayenne (burning) pepper . It can be purchased at a pharmacy or make at home (per liter vodka 100 grams of peppers, insist two weeks in a dark place). The first time I expect that will soon burn. But do not wait, but, having washed his head the next morning and wrapped it in a towel, I finally felt a pleasant warmth, rasteksheysya head. But be careful if you expect after the procedure room, a sauna or other place with high temperature and humid air is better to give, or on any of the other, as the burning is incredibly, and instead strengthen the hair get burned.

 Hair, be tight! Or something about alopecia
   Pamper your hair and give them the liveliness! Oil Mask   - A miracle. This is not just cheap and cheerful, but simply performed.

- Burdock oil mixed with castor and propolis tincture one to one (I take a tablespoon). Apply to the hair roots and dry ends with a cotton pad, and then comb with a few teeth spread over the entire length. Leave overnight and in the morning wash away your regular shampoo. You'll see how your hair will thank you after five such procedures. You can also castor oil is replaced by camphor.

- Another useful just for the night to rub in the hair roots camphor oil. It would be nice to warm, and the smell is not as nasty as some other oils.

- Jojoba oil and gar Gere can treat hair loss.

- If you have the opportunity, mix 5-7 grams of royal jelly with goose or badger (you can bear) fat. Rub the cream into the scalp just a couple of hours, and then wash with regular shampoo. You will see how the hair will become healthier. Although, if you have an allergy to bee production, it is better not to risk it.

- And when the wash off the oil, and any other fatty mask better after shampoo and hair balm rinse solution of apple or grape vinegar. The solution should be slightly acidic, so taste the water for rinsing and remember the good gradually.

- It is also useful to rub into the scalp garlic, he nourishes and strengthens. But I refused to bow from the smell, especially on wet hair, very specific.

Be beautiful to your health!
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova