Hair Care: Tips from Dermatologists
 Dermatologists American Academy of Dermatology Online Academy shared their tips for hair care. Something you might know, but on the whole seemed to us the information useful and interesting. We share it with you, our readers.

Why is caring
Hair - it's not living tissue, they can not recover. But the trick is that proper care can have results and change the appearance of the hair. Basic care for the hair should be directed to:
- Moisturize, it will give softness and elasticity of the hair.
- Return the natural shine. This is one of the most difficult tasks, but even after severe damage to the hair possible for them to bring back the shine. The best way to deal with it products, which include dimethicone (dimethicone), it will cover your hair with silicone film, which will return the luster, reduce the fluffiness and cope with static electricity.

Dermatologists prefer brunettes ...
Doctors advise to be painted in the color of the hair a little darker own. It's a simple trick that will change your appearance dramatically, but will be useful for hair. Damages will be leveled, the hair will look much healthier. Dermatologists believe that little dark hair (the natural) look better. Just once a month can be painted hair on the darker tone of their own, ammonia-free color and clarification.

 Hair Care: Tips from Dermatologists
 Nobody likes it hot
On the dangers of hot air, we know. But it is interesting the explanation given by dermatologists about this. If you are subjected to wet (or damp) hair is blow-drying with a maximum temperature of hot air, you essentially turn your hair into a hollow, since they are practically destroyed, become fragile and brittle. The water that is in the hair, does not evaporate, forms microscopic bubbles inside the hair. What is the solution offered by dermatologists? If you use a hair dryer, begin with low temperatures and hot air start up already almost dry hair for styling.

A popular movement "without shampoo" support not only cheap girls and priverzhenitsy eco-lifestyle, and dermatologists. One of their top tips: Wash your hair with shampoo as little as possible. If you do not give up shampoo, remember the simple rules of its application: shampoo should be applied only to the tips of distributing slowly and carefully. And only then, the resulting foam was spread onto the upper part of the hair. Do not fall for advertisements that offers shampoo "hair growth", "2 in 1 shampoo - shampoo and styling," etc. These shampoos will do no good, better to pick up the most gentle and suitable for your hair type.

Doctor - your best friend
Do not be afraid to go to the doctor if you have any problems with hair. Somehow, we are ready to go to a specialist, when we have a skin disease, but about hair doubt. Any deviation from the norm should be a signal to go to the doctor, whether it be dandruff, too dry scalp or hair loss. Dermatologists - your friends, they will prompt problem solving. The sooner you contact us, the easier it will be to deal with the problem.

 Hair Care: Tips from Dermatologists
 Forewarned is forearmed
Do not trust the manufacturer and its publicity stunt double check information about products for the hair, improve their knowledge about safe hair care. Some chemicals in shampoos may indeed much harm because the blood penetrate into the skin and cause health risks.

Cheaply - does not mean bad
More in 2009 from the American Academy of Dermatologists Dermatology warned their patients that the market is quite good budget, and should not be trusted only expensive brand or beauty parlor. Hair products that are sold in pharmacies, is not worse than the luxury. The same applies to homemade tools.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin