Hair coloring. Part 2: Work on the bugs
 Unfortunately, even to choose the right color We do not always get the desired shade. The result is your hair dye may differ from that shown on the packaging. It depends on the condition of the hair: they are not damaged, stained or screens if they had, did you perm, etc. Well, if the result obtained is equal to all of us satisfied, and if not, it is necessary to work on the bugs.

Problem: Hair color is darker than on the package.

The reasons for this may be several. Firstly, it can happen if your hair has been colored. If you keep the paint on the already colored hair for the recommended 30 minutes, we will get a very intense color. Therefore, the previously colored hair is necessary to reduce the exposure of paint to 5-10 minutes.

Secondly, your original hair color is darker than recommended. The packaging ink is usually printed scale depending on the final result of the initial dyeing hair color. Keep in mind that hair color at the "girl with the package" is obtained by staining of the light color of the recommended. If your color is darker than recommended, and you want to get just such a tone, you need to pre-lighten your hair, for example by Palette E20   or Palette deluxe 100 .

Third, if you have thin hair, keep in mind that they are painted over faster than normal or thick. Cuticular layer have a thinner, and therefore has less free space, so that such hair easier and faster saturated dye. Moreover, the smaller internal space in the hair, especially close to each other are arranged dye molecule - and the more intense the color looks. Thus, for thin hair coloring is better to choose a group for lighter shade desired, either to reduce the exposure of paint from 30 to 20-25 minutes.

Fourthly, the cause darker color may be the high porosity of the hair. Such hair absorb more paint than you need. To restore your hair, you should regularly (1-2 times a week) the use of special masks, such as Gliss Kur Total 19 .

Problem: When coloring hair with a large percentage of gray brown shades of hair color is dark (almost black).

When applying color on the white surface of the hair color always get brighter and more saturated. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the individual perception of colors compared to the white gray hair before coloring, brown shades are always visually will seem darker. For coloring gray hair is better to choose a medium brown or dark brown colors or shades to the desired shade lighter. In addition, a number of natural colors (brown, brown, etc.) paint over gray hair better than bright. In line Palette to the shades of the natural numbers are all shades of resistant paint Palette ICC In the room that contained the letter N.

Problem: After clarification, it turns yellow, orange or red.

Such shades can be a natural consequence of incomplete bleaching yellowish red pigment. To give your hair the right tone, you have to choose the color opposite to the shade that we want to remove.

To neutralize the orange hue, you can use paint or shampoo, which contains blue pigment. This may be ashen (for example, Palette C9 . Palette Fitoliniya 219 . Diadem 792 ).

To neutralize the yellow tint tinting can be used with purple paint pigment - a means of pearl or silver tones (for example, Palette C10 . Palette Fitoliniya 218   and 298 . Brillance 811   and 813 ).

To remove red hue, it is necessary to use a green pigment. It is found in shades of natural numbers.

Problem: When painting shades of natural numbers bleached hair appeared green.

Bleached hair requires twice the amount of pigment, so the shading is usually carried out before a preliminary pigmentation. For staining in light or medium brown yellow pigment is required, in dark brown and light brown - copper, and in the medium-brown and black - the red pigment.

If you have colored hair and get a green hue, it can neutralize the opposite red.

Problem: After dyeing bleached hair reddish-brown shades color intensively washed off.

Due to its small size red artificial pigments are washed out from the hair faster than natural. This is compounded by the fact that the bleached hair is not your own natural pigments to make the color more resistant. In addition, the safety of artificial coloring pigment, the introduction into the hair with the paint, very much depends on the scaly layer of hair. If it is damaged (bleached hair and usually have a porous structure), then each shampoo wash out the color will be more intense than usual, as the shampoo to remove dirt opens all scales.

To color last longer and was more saturated, it can be pre-pigmentation. In addition, it is necessary to use special tools for colored hair, like shampoo and conditioner for colored hair Gliss Kur Color Protect 30   or Schauma Gloss colors .

Problem: The paint does not paints over a gray hair.

The lighter the color, the less it contains a pigment and the worse it paints a gray hair. So, lightening 4-6 shades of tone does not paint over gray hair, lightening 2-4 tones - fills no more than 30%, bright colors - not more than 50%. Best of all (100%) paint over gray hair, natural colors. If you still want to dye your hair in bright fashionable color, it is necessary to mix it with a natural in the right proportions, which often indicate on the package.

So, good luck to you in a new way! And let you change only please!

Thank you for your assistance in preparing the material Faith Mashurova leading stylist Schwarzkopf & Henkel.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina