Hair oil: how to use and how to choose?
 This recipe includes beauty century, country and culture. Hair oil is able to condition the hair, add shine, stimulate hair growth, removes dandruff - probably more than any single agent for the hair can not boast of such a wide range of applications in hair care.

Recently, however, some women began to get round oil for hair. But rather, it is due to ignorance of basic methods of their use. The fact that the oil can actually somewhat heavier hair, but once you start using the oils for the hair properly, you immediately "make friends" with this versatile beauty secret of ancient beauties.

Using oils for hair since ancient times was not only a medical matter, but that some were attached magical properties. It is believed to this day that some oils can calm the spirit and help to achieve harmony.

Most brands which produce means of hair care products, do not pass by the different oils for the hair, adding them to their products. But, of course, is much better and more natural to use the oil directly to your hair. But for this you need to know a few simple rules and choose your oil, your hair just right.

Types of oil . Depending on the type of your hair, it is necessary to select the oil by fat.
Experts share the oils into three types:

 Hair oil: how to use and how to choose?
   - Fatty oils (e.g., castor oil or shea butter), they have a high molecular weight, weighing the hair.
- Bold oils (these include, for example, sweet almond oil, avocado oil or sunflower), they are more easily absorbed by the hair.
- Dry oil (such as grape seed oil, coconut), they are almost weightless on the hair, even fine hair does not weigh.

Tips for use

- Always massage oil scalp. The most common mistake when girls just oiled hair ends, afraid to make the scalp too oily. Meanwhile, oils help regulate sebum production, just as the oil is normalized facial sebum in the skin.

- If you have thin hair, then apply the oil on the scalp only. If the hair is of medium thickness or thick, and the oil can be applied over the entire length of the hair.

- The best use for the oil - is the treatment of dry or damaged hair. To do this, first rub the oil into the ends of the hair, then slowly work your way to the roots. Massaging the scalp, deeply inhale the aroma and try to relax. Then take a soft brush and comb the hair for about five minutes. Leave the oil on your hair for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with his usual shampoo. It is better not to use the air conditioner after the procedure, and so your hair will be soft and silky.

- Treatments for hair with warm oil contribute to a more effective treatment of certain conditions of the scalp and hair, because the heat allows nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin and hair. Warm oil is good for dry dandruff negarmonalnom hair loss and itching of the scalp. Heat a small amount of oil in the microwave or in a water bath, and then apply a small amount on the scalp. Massage the fingers in a circular motion. For best effect for you to wrap your head warm towel.

 Hair oil: how to use and how to choose?
 - Hair oil can not be used too often. Otherwise oil residue will accumulate in the scalp, will fall to the hair and to burden them, and there is danger of clogging of skin pores. Therefore, observe the frequency of treatments to suit your hair type. If you have oily hair, and you wash them every day, you can use hair oil once a week. If your hair does not need frequent washing, and you wash them once a week or even less frequently, the hair oil can be used only once a month.

- Beware of cheap products. It is better not to use oils with added chemicals and silicones. It is better to add natural butter in a shampoo or conditioner, you buy these funds to alleged oil in the composition, because it is difficult to control exactly how much and what quality of oil is included in the composition.

- Pregnancy is forbidden to use peanut butter (they can be obtained, for example, from nuts like peanuts, pine nuts, etc.).

- If in doubt as oil - smell it. If there is no odor or smell you do not like - do not use this product, it can hurt.

Which oil to choose

- Jojoba oil . Suitable for all hair types. Jojoba oil is probably the most of all the low-fat oils, hair absorb it easily, without weighing. Suitable even for very fine hair.

- Argan oil . More suitable for thick hair or medium density. One of the most popular oils in recent years. This exotic oil is quite sticky, so wash the hair after its use need two or even three times. For fine hair should not use it, but for everyone else it will give the hair shine, flavor and make obedient.

 Hair oil: how to use and how to choose?
 - Castor oil . It is used as a natural remedy for hair growth. Castor oil strengthens hair and stimulates the growth. But, unfortunately, it is too difficult to use it on the hair. Hairdressers better advised to use the properties for the eyebrows and eyelashes. Lubricate them at night, and get thicker, healthy and long hairs.

- Olive oil . The most universal oil. Suitable for all hair types. When thin hair, use only on the scalp. Not sticky, medium-fat and weight, easy to wash off.
Author: Olga Larsen