Hairspray ... not only for hair
 You put in a handbag hairspray? But he may have to help out in the most extraordinary situations! Find out what unusual use hairspray find original modern girl.

1. Removal of pet hair.   We love her cute cats or dogs, but the problem is solved not just wool. Each time before leaving the house rises the question whether there is wool on me? Try this method. Sprinkle with hair brush, and then collect all wool. You can also sprinkle varnish very dirty, fabric, and then the hair coat is very easy to gather even hand.

2. Securing the drawing.   Each artist will tell you about this way. Especially an artist of the Soviet period, because at that time our market was not special fixers for pastel or graphite, masters used sweet vodichku or hairspray. To this day, this method is not forgotten, it can be attached schedule.

3. Getting rid of insects.   The next time you will fly into the house annoying fly, mosquito or bee, not chase it with a towel or a fly swatter. If the hand is a bottle of hair spray, pshiknite insects. Hairspray is less toxic than all insect sprays, and get the same effect. I apologize to all the defenders of animals, but when the house is small children, the flies are dangerous because they are carriers of the infection.

 Hairspray ... not only for hair
 4. Getting rid of the static electricity.   In winter, it's important. To hem did not stick to tights (and antistatic agent is not), use hairspray. You can carry it with you during the day spray on adhering tissue. Just be careful, if the clothes made of silk or other fine fabrics because paint may leave marks.

5. Self-Defense.   In the protection of his life and honor of all the ways are good. But modern women have rarely wear gas cans. They are not very well established, sometimes harm its owner. But a bottle of varnish or spray for hair - thing is doubly useful. You can use them not only for beauty, but also to protect this beauty. Drizzle the offender in the eyes, and you will be saving a few seconds to call for help, call the police or run away.

6. Fayer show?   This advice is strange and only for adults. I do not know in which cases it may be required, except for the filming of a scary movie, but then you need ... a flamethrower? You can use hairspray. It is highly flammable, so it can be used in this unusual quality. Warning: Do not tell the children, and do not try unless you know the result!

7. Helps threading a needle.   This trick will appeal to those who like to occasionally hand stitching, and sewing machines, not all are equipped with a device for threading the needle thread. Pass the naughty end of the thread in the eye of a needle to help fine hairspray. Sprinkle with a thread, it will become more elastic and less fluff. Everything will be much easier!

8. Dry shampoo.   You have oily hair roots, and time for washing and laying there? Take the hair spray, sprinkle the roots, a little massage. Alcohol, which is part of the varnish, soak up excess oils and fats. Hair even gain a little volume. And you're instantly ready for a new release in the light!

 Hairspray ... not only for hair
 9. Repair tights.   To prevent a sudden to go "arrow" on the mattress ruin your day, treat the hole and "arrow" hairspray. Many use for this glue or nail polish. But now you know that hairspray is also nice.

10. Remove ink stains.   This is a catastrophe! Nobody likes when her blouse or bag emerges from the ink stain potekshey handle. Because it means that you are left without handles, and no good thing. Well, we'll do one loss less. Using hairspray. Spray the stain with hair spray and let it soak for a few minutes. Then take a brush (it can be pure old toothbrush) and intensively remove the stain. This trick works not only with a blouse and a bag, it also removes the ink stain with tabletops, computer keyboard, etc.

11. Fix the sandals and slippers.   You have it so happens that in the morning when the legs are not yet tired and swollen, the shoes on their "sitting" is not very tight. Sometimes it falls. This is particularly frustrating if you are in fashion flip-flops or clogs. Close to injury! Sprinkle leg hair spray, and inner surface of the shoe, and for some time the foot is in the shoe like a glove!

12. Fix the insole.   Another trouble with shoes - is when the insole unstuck, and next to no master shoe. Stick briefly insole helps hairspray. And the day will not be spoiled, as the mood.
Author: Olga Larsen