How to care for artificial hair?
 If in the past century could not afford a wig, mostly members of the nobility, now this convenient and practical attribute of beauty has become much more accessible and popular. But, in spite of its artificial origin, without proper care, he quickly loses its appeal. How to properly take care of it?

Grooming wig, you can greatly extend its life and permanently preserve its original external data. Caring for them includes three basic steps: cleaning (washing), combing and storage. When making procedures, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the material from which was made wig.

 How to care for artificial hair?

Thoroughly clean and wash

Like human hair, wig quite rapidly polluted and begins to lose its splendor and beauty. Therefore, it needs regular cleaning and washing. Synthetic hair is washed with a little less than wigs made from natural locks, which are more susceptible to dirt and dust.

Determine the frequency of bath procedures for a wig, it is necessary to proceed from several factors:

- Wig wearing period (the longer the respectively dirtier);

- The degree of humidity (excess moisture in the atmosphere contributes to early contamination);

- The place of wearing a wig (indoors it is less dirty than the street);

- Length wig (long and loose hair quickly get dirty), and so forth.

 How to care for artificial hair?

Usually, it is recommended to wash the wig after its 8-10-minute applications. For synthetic wig should not use regular detergents: their composition could harm the artificial strands. Better buy shampoos and conditioners specially designed for wigs. Water for washing is desirable to soften, boiling, or adding a soda (2 teaspoons per liter). Before water procedures it is desirable to comb a wig to get rid of tangled hair. Wash wig roughly as follows:

 How to care for artificial hair?

1. Fill a sink or bowl with cool water and dissolved it 1-2 cap shampoo.

2. Immerse wig into the prepared liquid and leave it for 5-7 minutes, so he soaked it.

3. Carefully, without rubbing, rinse wig. If it has stains of lipstick, powder, or other means to make-up, they are removed using a soft toothbrush.

4. Remains of the shampoo off with cold water.

5. Gently blot the wig with a towel, place it on him like a wool sweater and leave it for 15-30 minutes. At this stage, well into strands apply leave-in conditioner.

6. Hang wig to dry in the open air, without using a hair dryer. It is advisable to use a special stand-head or a hanger. It is not necessary to dry the wig in intense heat or in direct sunlight, which will lead to a loss of gloss and color curls.

7. After drying, wig gently shaken several times and make it original shape.

If necessary, repeat the washing procedure in the same way. If the drying time you want a little tweak the shape of the wig, then do it better by hand, without the use of a comb or brush. Usually synthetic strands as natural, dry at least 10 hours.

Gently comb

Once the wig is well dries, it can be combed. By the way, it should be done after each use, in order to prevent matted hair. It is necessary to thoroughly comb out each strand at a time, starting from the bottom. For the convenience of handy clip or invisible. Do not get too much pull and pull tangled bundles. Better gently with your fingers to make out their hair.

 How to care for artificial hair?
  How to care for artificial hair?

If the wig is poorly comb, use a special spray. In critical cases, be useful to small scissors that can cut part of the hair in a tangled bundle to make it easier to dissolve it. After the procedure should be put on a wig on his head and comb it again, giving it a final shape and volume. Strictly prohibited all kinds of curling strands of synthetic (using rollers, ironing or ploek). With natural hair wigs such procedures are possible.

 How to care for artificial hair?


It is advisable to keep a wig with a special assembly in a hairnet. In the presence of long strands of their need to combine tail, gently roll it up and put in a position in the grid. No need to tighten too much, unless that does not require a certain hairstyle. Do not hide a wig deep cabinet or bedside table. For a better safety he needed a constant flow of air. The best option for its location - a special hanger, the upper corner of a mirror or a mannequin head (bust).

 How to care for artificial hair?
  How to care for artificial hair?

Keep the wig away from the southern windows, constantly reflecting the hot sun rays. Hoping to protect it from dust, do not put it in a plastic bag. You can just cover it easy handkerchief or scarf. It is important that the room, which houses the wig, it was dry, a little cool, there was no dust and mold.
Author: Albina Rogov