How to care for hair in summer
 We have been waiting for the summer, so much to expectations, when it came, with joy almost forgot about everything.

Summer is really good for the most of us, as long blond happy days, warm, vegetables, fruit. In summer, more positive, and that positive impact on health and on the exterior, in the summer, many easily lose weight.

Hair also enjoyed fly, grow faster, but at the same time, if you do not take care of them and not protect them, they desiccate from the sun, wind, sea bathing, become brittle and dull. The tips begin to split, and do not wish to pack the hair in the hair style, preferring to take the form of crow's nest ...

therefore It should take care of the hair too much.

Sun protection
Of course, everyone knows that you can not stay in the sun with his head uncovered. Any hat, panama hat, scarf will save the hair from fading and drying. It is especially dangerous to stay in the sun without a hat for people with dyed hair.

Wet and wet hair also suffer from the sun is stronger, since water increases the impact of ultraviolet radiation.

Experts believe that the hair from the sun protects sesame oil, sweet almond oil, which is rubbed into the hair roots before shampooing. It is not washed off by bathing completely and continues to protect the hair. Although, of course, while they look wet.

After swimming for a better preservation of the hair can be rinsed lightly sweetened water.

In the store you can buy sunscreens hair sprays, air conditioners. BUY is those which contain vitamins A and E, herbs, oils such as olive and jojoba. But from lacquers, mousses, coloring, styling, perms summer, experts advise to refuse.

 How to care for hair in summer
 Wash hair
Another summer problem is that in the summer often have to wash your hair and they get tired, even from soft and moisturizing shampoo. In order to facilitate the life of your hair, to wash is to try not to use the water and herbal tea that will have a curative effect. Take 2 tablespoons. tablespoons dried birch leaves, mother and stepmother, burdock, nettle, grass succession, linden flower, mix well. 4 tbsp. spoon mixture brew 2 cups of boiled water, in a thermos for 40 minutes, strain, dilute with warm water and rinse shampoo that fluid instead of water.

In addition, if the hair is not very dirty, you can not do without shampoo. Pour a handful of linden flowers to 500 ml of water, bring to a boil, leave the lid half an hour, drain, cool, rub in hair roots, then moisten with liquid all the hair. After 10 minutes, rinse. With regular use, your hair will become shiny and will be easy to comb.

 How to care for hair in summer
 Tips stylists
The heat is very bad for the condition of hair drying their hair dryer. Especially in the summer quickly dry hair naturally.

If you really want to dye your hair, you can do it with the help of henna, chamomile, onion peels, coffee grounds.

Summer hair stylists advise to do a shorter haircut and always cut the split ends.

Special care
Once or twice a week should be devoted to the hair a special time to make a nutritious and firming mask.

- For example, the ancient village of yogurt mask. Sour respectively shall be from the present village of milk, and you need to buy it on the market. Take a handful of fresh leaves of plantain (collect them in the country), to crank meat grinder and poured a glass of curdled milk, to insist 10 minutes and rub into the roots and put on all length of hair. Wash off after half an hour. Course - 4 weeks. That's their hair restored Russian beauties with thick spit in his hand.

- Traditional healers say it has an amazing efficiency mask burdock root. 100 gr. fresh chopped burdock root pour 1 cup of vegetable oil and insist night in a dark place. Then cook on low heat for 15 minutes, cool, strain, brush hair, put on plastic cap and wrap head with a towel. After a couple of hours to wash your hair suitable as hair shampoo and rinse with herbal decoction of lime, nettle, chamomile, lemon balm.

The hair from the sun and other unfavorable factors, and protects proper nutrition . In summer, there is not particularly desirable, and experts advise eating more fruits and vegetables, not forgetting the fish and dairy products.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva