How to find a good barber?
 I think that most of you have faced such a problem that your favorite barber went to a paid job, and you can not afford to go to the salon, or you move to another city. But as practice shows, to find a good and affordable professional is very difficult, and such links do not usually scattered. Therefore, we have prepared some tips on how to go through the time while you are in the search for, and find wonderful wizard.

How to survive without a barber? Instructions

- Normally, if a person goes to a higher salary, then he grows as a professional, and, consequently, you - in good hands. Therefore, if we can keep the relationship and invite himself a haircut at home for the old money, then go for it.

- Do not panic if you have lost touch. Typically, a well-made haircut hold long enough.

- Regular combing hair for 5 to 10 minutes will help your hairstyle to live longer.

- You can reduce the frequency of visits to the salon. For example, not every 4 - 6 weeks and every 10 - 12, then you can pay a little less. However, such a solution is not for everyone. Women with short hair have to take a chance and go to the nearest store, do not allow yourself to grow strongly to the new barber has seen the original version.

- Do not also go into debt to get a haircut at the barber-paid. You can always find an adequate replacement. Alternatively, you can ask your master to advise other professionals from your cabin.

 How to find a good barber?

Well, if this option is not passed, then we proceed to Plan B.

How to find a hairdresser?

Option 1.   If you come to the barber shop, the watch artists at work. Whose result you like it, that's what I write. Another option requires a certain courage. If you like the street somebody's haircut, do not hesitate to express my admiration and ask where these hairdressers are found. In general, the recommendations - always a sure option to find what you're looking for.

Option 2.   Start with what price range is acceptable for you. To do this, a revision of your budget, then determine how often you visit the salon, and then proceed to investigation. To implement the first option, you can just burn, say, a manicure, and at the same time monitor the hairdressers. Not only should the work of the master, but also for the expression of the client.

Option 3.   How to distinguish good from bad barber? As an option, you have to ask him about what, in his opinion, haircut suits you. Hairdresser - quite a creative profession, especially if it is a female master, and if he is unable to answer this question, then run away. You can go from the other side. Suggest a few options or one option hairstyle or haircut, and listen to what he tells you. If you hear a muffled bellowing again, "Happy Feet." Generally, the contact and the ability to convey the idea - an important component of the relationship with the hairdresser.

Option 4.   Relying on the opinions of others also to the end is not necessary. After all, everyone has their own requirements for the master, each with its own type of hair, etc. Therefore, coming into a new room, you can ask to make a very simple haircut. And subsequent to it, as a hairdresser does its job. Do not experiment with an unknown master.

It should be remembered that the price of the service - not the indicator of quality and the fact that you will end up satisfied. Therefore strategize conducted research close to home or work. Almost every cabin is facing the master. The main thing - do not panic and consistent look of your new and best barber.
Author: Vera Karabutova