How to prevent fat hair?
 You wash your hair every day or even twice a day? You have to constantly carry a dry shampoo? You are tired of the hair are fat? Then it's time to deal with the problem.

What is the cause of oily hair?

The reason is simple, and you can imagine this - your body produces too much oil. Overproduction of sebum, particularly in the scalp, resulting in excessive fat hair. And why you have generated so much fat? There are several main reasons:
- A genetic predisposition,
- The effect of hormones,
- Improper diet,
- Too hot / humid weather,
- Some diseases (eg, seborrheic dermatitis)
- Medicines (sometimes so harmless as oral contraceptives)
- Improper care.

Interesting fact.   Did you know that sebum is solid at room temperature? And only melts at body temperature. That is why hair roots zhirneyut first, because there they are in contact with the liquid sebum.

What hair products do you use?

As we have seen, the main causes of oily hair, we can not change. But the choice of funds can affect caregivers. The development of the cosmetics industry has played with many a cruel joke. We're too carried away with masks, balms, conditioners, weight, our hair. These trends, of course, do wonders to moisturize and smooth hair, but there is a downside.

 How to prevent fat hair?

Silicones and oil - the most common ingredients that make up the modern means of caring for the hair. It is fat and heavy components. They remain on the hair like a magnet attracts dust and dirt from the air. As a result, hair becomes dirty very quickly. Of course, the only solution is often to shampooing. But the more you wash your hair, the more washed out from the hair of natural oils. The scalp responds by producing more and more oil ... This is an endless cycle.

Something can be changed?

Yes, there is something that can be changed. Let's order.

- Change your shampoo.   Instead of dampening volume or click the soft cleansing shampoo without aggressive components, irritating the hair follicles and increase the production of fat. There are special therapeutic shampoos with salicylic acid. You can try to add to your shampoo when washing a 3% salicylic acid. This will reduce the production of scalp oils.

 How to prevent fat hair?

Shampoo for oily hair control "Neutrogena T / Sal Therapeutic Shampoo - Scalp Build-Up Control" with salicylic acid.

- Get rid of dandruff.   You will be surprised, but dandruff or itchy scalp - symptoms of overproduction of sebum. Therefore it is necessary to visit a dermatologist or trihologa to get rid of the problem. Often enough properly sized medical dandruff shampoo, sometimes prescribed steroids.

 How to prevent fat hair?

  Treatment shampoo and conditioner for dandruff "Aveeno Nourish + Dandruff Control", a formula with zinc and peptides oat.

- Properly wash your hair.   No matter what shampoo you use, it will not work if you wash your hair properly. To clean, apply a small amount of shampoo on the scalp and massage vigorously fingertips. Then carefully remove the foam from the hair with his hands and rinse your hair. Not to be confused while washing the hair and massage the scalp too long.

- Change your diet.   It is believed that supplementation with vitamin A and D help reduce sebum production. But you should be careful with the dosage, it is best to find this out by a dermatologist.

- Do not apply perfume.   Many people like when the hair fragrant. But for oily scalp perfume can only stimulate the production of sebum. It is better to limit to the application of the fragrance on the skin where there is no hair. Or to be just a little bit, but at the ends, not the roots.

- Change the styling products.   It should go for products specifically designed for the scalp, prone to fat. Dry shampoo - it's also saving for oily hair. There are good (although not cheap) variants that are not only removed the excess fat, but also improve the condition of the hair, due to vitamin E and wheat protein in the composition.

The market appeared a completely new styling product for oily hair - a primer (primer). This tool is created that hairstyle was more resistant, and the hair does not become greasy quickly. If you use a dry shampoo or hair primer, then it will wash your hair less often. And it will be the solution to the problem of fat, because that will lead to the normalization of skin and fat balance in the scalp.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin