How to prevent hair damage
 Damage to the hair leads to split ends, breakage, dryness. We often write about how to treat it: with the help of salon procedures, balms, conditioners or home remedies. But most importantly, perhaps - not to bring up the fact that changes in the hair requires intervention specialists. So - Loans prevention.

It turns out that every day we expose their hair tested. This hair and false hair, and hair clips ... Let's do not do it and take care of your "wealth". Find out what else contributes to everyday hair damage.

1. Damage to the hair starting in the bathroom
Damp or wet hair - the most vulnerable. Water destroys the natural hydrogen bonds in the hair. They are recovered only when the hair is dry. Therefore, exposing hair comb right after washing is not necessary. If you want to distribute the balm-conditioner, you only use a comb with wide teeth, but better - bristle brush. A distribute any product on the hair (from shampoo to hair oils) should be starting to tip.

2. Be careful with towels and handkerchiefs
So is the sight of a picture: a pretty girl comes out of the shower in a white robe and a turban made from a towel on his head .  One of stylists called a towel wrapped on her wet hair - the silent killer .  Fearfully? It turns out that any coating of wet hair, whether it's a towel or handkerchief may cause the most damage .  Repeat: with wet hair should be the most sensitive .  Towel can pull hair, cause stretching and gusts, the friction of hair towels deprived of their natural protection, gloss, smoothness .  It is very important - do not rub with a towel when drying hair .  After washing is just a wet towel moisture .  Then, apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair (once a week) or coconut oil (which is more than any other ability to retain moisture and makes the hair smooth) .  If you are doing a warm oil wrap for the night, the first film coat hair and then towel .  Since hair is not destroyed by the friction of the towel .

 How to prevent hair damage
 3. Do not fry hair dryer
Yes, some stylists compare how we feel your hair dryer with hot cooking technology fries. Too long exposure to hot air to the hair causes the hair to which water is heated to boiling, and bubbles formed surface of the hair and even burns. If you have to dry your hair with hot hair dryer (and preferably eliminate this), then you must do it very quickly, do not keep the hair in the same position, constantly moving. Safer hairdryers with ionic technology, as well as ceramic and tourmaline.

4. ME
Wearing the same hairstyle can cause damage to the hair. If you wear a ponytail, then change its height. With the beam - the same as at the Spit is also possible to vary the direction of weaving, braiding method. Further, the same hair causes stress hair as hair under stress in the same place.

 How to prevent hair damage
 Pay attention to the current generation of pins and rubber bands, they are more secure, virtually unbreakable hair. There are invisible to the plastic tips, soft and elastic gum. Even the super-safe rubber bands and barrettes harm if they are tough, watch this when buying.

5. Damage to the hair going in a dream
Exit - silk pillowcases. They do not absorb moisture, leave the hair and skin hydrated, do not confuse the hair, do not break them. Cotton and linen only harm the hair. By the way, if you love scarves and belts, it also pay attention to the fabric from which they are made. Satin and silk - the most suitable.
Author: Your Tamara