How to properly care for a mixed type of hair?
 Many women are trying to grow long hair. And not only for myself: well-groomed, shiny hair and strong admired in men. That's just not always long hair look as impressive as we would like. The most common problem faced by holders of chic shag - a dry split ends and greasy roots. This type of hair is called mixed or combined. How to take care of such hair?

Step one: cleansing

Care of the combined type of hair starts with the selection of shampoo. Now, many manufacturers produce products marked "for the mixed type". Owners of such hair is recommended for children shampoos or shampoo for all hair types.

What else should I pay attention? Naturally the composition. Desirably, the means comprises a marine proteins and calcium. These components are perfectly regenerate the hair structure, strengthening it.

To give your hair volume and strength, but not heavier, use gentle shampoo, which includes the placenta.
To gently clean the skin of the head, not too dry, pay attention to the pH of shampoo - it should be neutral.

 How to properly care for a mixed type of hair?

To reduce the dryness of the tips and reduce the fat content of the roots, use a little trick. For 30 minutes before washing, apply to the roots of kefir or yogurt, and tips - olive oil or coconut oil.

Wash your hair type should be mixed to the extent of contamination and to use the shampoo labeled "suitable for frequent use."

It is advisable once a week wash your hair with special cleansing shampoo with amino acids and vitamins. Especially if you frequently use styling products.

Step Two: Power

As already mentioned, at the tips of the mixed type of hair dry, lifeless and split, and therefore they need intensive nutrition and hydration. Stand back from the roots of 5-7 cm and apply to the length and ends of hair nourishing agent based oils. On the roots, apply a mask for oily hair type.

 How to properly care for a mixed type of hair?

As balms and conditioners, it is necessary to apply them as stepping back from the roots. This is done, in addition to not burden hair and avoid rapid contamination. Exceptions are light balms - they can be applied to the entire length.

For mixed type of hair mask is suitable that is easy to cook at home. To do this, the juice of one lemon mixed with 2 tablespoons of aloe juice and 2 tablespoons of honey. A mask is applied to the entire length of 30 minutes to wash the hair.

 How to properly care for a mixed type of hair?

Step Three: laying

Mixed hair type and styling is not easy. Since the length of the hair are often damaged, do not abuse the blow-drying, styling utjuzhkom or curling.

Dry hair is the best natural way, and to avoid carelessness in laying, pick a comfortable and practical haircut, for which there will be hard to maintain. For mixed type of hair is best suited hairstyle with smooth contours, but the feathers and ragged ends - a bad choice.

If you use the hair dryer is still necessary, to comply with certain rules. First, let the air temperature is moderate and in any case not high! Second, do not hold your hair dryer too close to the ideal length is 30-40 centimeters.

 How to properly care for a mixed type of hair?

Choose styling products, respectively, for the mixed type of hair. It may be low-fat fluids with vitamin complexes. Also, the thermal water is perfect - it is a good moisturize hair. On the tips can be applied to a small number of anti-section. But quite a bit! But you can rub into the roots of vitamin E.

From wax and hairspray should be abandoned, the benefits they bring and not even visually will not improve the condition of hair.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya