How to properly wash your hair
 How to wash your hair? This question is probably not many are, because they believe that everyone already knows about it. It would seem that this is the normal procedure that makes every woman in your life a hundred times, and knows everything about it. But there are some rules and secrets that will help transform an ordinary shampoo in the correct ritual.

So, now we are gradually consider how to wash your hair:

• Combing hair
• Choosing the most suitable water temperature
• Calculation of shampoo specifically for your hair length
• own self-washing
• Application of the air conditioner and balm
• Washing hair

Immediately before washing it is important to comb the hair - it promotes circulation of the head and, accordingly, during washing, the hair get more nutrients. In addition, comb your hair will not be entangled in the wash. If your hair is dry or has dandruff, it is possible before washing rub into hair burdock.   In the dry form after such procedures oily hair will look better, will be more shiny and silky.

 How to properly wash your hair

In order to properly wash your hair you need to choose the right water temperature. Remember that it should not be too hot, because the high temperature of fat promotes the development of the sebaceous glands, which is very undesirable, especially if you have oily hair type. Therefore it is better to choose a warm water, perhaps even a bit cool - for greasy hair it would be particularly useful.
Shampoo should always match your hair type. Remember that it is not recommended to use shampoo for oily hair, if you are dry. As a result of such an error, the hair may become even drier and more brittle. Now a huge selection of shampoos that are suited to different types of hair, choose the most suitable for you. In order to properly calculate the amount of shampoo, you need to focus on the length of hair. The longer the hair, the more shampoo is required, but it should not be much. Before you apply shampoo on his head, followed by its first foam in the palm of your hand and only then spread over the entire length of hair.

Once you will wash your hair, you should apply conditioner or balm. If you have damaged or colored hair, it is best to apply the mask, but only on the hair! On the scalp mask should not be applied because the hair is quickly becoming fat.

Then it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the hair. Do not forget that the hair should be washed three times longer than shampooing.   After washing their hair to be dried, it would be best if you hold the natural drying of hair, without the hair dryer, because it dries the hair and scalp.

 How to properly wash your hair

Remember that Combing wet hair is not recommended , It is best to wait until they dry up and only then comb. Comb should be made of natural materials, such as wood. Plastic combs with frequent teeth better not to use, they have a negative effect on the condition of the hair.

Now that you know all about the right hair washing. But there is another question: how often you should wash your hair? It depends on the type of hair. If you have oily hair, the hair should be washed 2-3 times a week if dry, then 1 times a week, and you can often, it all depends on the length of hair.   If you want as little as possible to wash your hair, you should try the next option. Try not to wash your hair for a few days more than usual, do herbal baths may change shampoo. Shampoo should be changed at least once in three months, as the hair is getting used to the same agent, and then quickly contaminated.   You can also use several shampoos, alternate them so the hair will be less susceptible to contamination, since not all of the same addiction to the same facility.

Healthy hair and proper cleaning - an important component of overall health. With proper care the hair will be strong and beautiful. Therefore it is necessary to arrange the hair fortified procedure. For example, it may be oil treatments (water bath). Such procedure is worth doing at least once a week for 1-2 months to notice results. Also do not forget about the roots of the hair, then help B vitamins There is now a huge selection of vitamins for hair, they should take approximately about 3 months in order to assess the results. Of course, this issue will need to consult a doctor to advise you exactly those vitamins that will suit you.

 How to properly wash your hair

Regularly stick to these rules of hair care and very soon you will notice how your hair will become much more well-groomed. For beautiful hair - a real decoration of any woman. Treat your hair with pleasure, care and knowledge, and they'll tell you soft and silky!
Author: Marianna Kurki