How to restore the natural shine of hair at home
 With covers of glossy magazines looking at us gorgeous woman with a perfect figure and a seductive, radiant healthy glow, hair. Probably many, leafing through the pages of these publications, doubt the natural beauty of these ladies. Maybe! Without Photoshop anywhere today. But then I really do not know firsthand that the achievement of the living and the rich luster of hair - is not a myth, but a reality!

Modern beauty industry today offers a lot of opportunities to restore a healthy shine to the hair: keratin therapy elyuminirovanie, lamination and much more. It is certainly out for the fair sex, who have the necessary material means. As is known, these procedures are not cheap, and the effect lasts only about two months. Then - again in the showroom for a new dose of chemicals. Continuous chemical attack of some sort! And what about those to whom it is a pleasure not afford or banal allergic to the drug? Or simply, the option of improvement of hair does not suit?

Restore shine - where to start?

Hair by nature given property - shine. Under certain circumstances, this property is no longer valid. It is therefore necessary to create an "atmosphere" for your hair, in which the loss of light would be minimized. Hair, like any other body part, need careful nursing. For their life and growth requires a good exchange of blood, fresh air, massage, make-up missing elements and minerals. All this is easily doable in the home.

As is known, the brilliance - a consequence of healthy hair. Therefore, you must first restore their damaged structure. Sometimes it's enough to say goodbye to a dull color. Restoring hair structure sometimes takes several weeks to several months, but it's worth it!

 How to restore the natural shine of hair at home

So, the first where to start - with proper care.

1. Try to wash your hair every day. The shampoo contains alkali, which dries the hair, making them thin and lifeless. This is especially dangerous for damaged hair, which can not only break down because of the alkaline components, but also actively to fall.

2. Try to use shampoos and conditioners based on natural ingredients.

3. Wash your hair with warm water. High temperatures have the same negative effect as the alkali.

4. Comb the hair combs and combs, made only from natural materials.

5. If possible, do not use a hairdryer and other electric heaters.

6. Do not place hard experiments on hair. This applies to all kinds of chemical zavivok straightening and so on.

7. Eat right. Your diet should contain all the necessary macro-and micronutrients. I recommend to replace chocolate and other sweets on dried fruits: figs, apricots, prunes. Lean on nuts and legumes.

8. Try to spend more time in nature, breathing fresh air. As you know, the city atmosphere is very aggressive affects not only the hair, but also on the whole body.
These simple rules will help your hair to get out of stress and start an independent struggle for survival. Then they need only a little help and a natural shine is around the corner!

 How to restore the natural shine of hair at home

Nutritious masks and decoctions for hair shine

The mask of blue clay

Since ancient times, clay is used in medicinal purposes. The mask of blue clay is especially useful for hair. It normalizes blood circulation in the tissues, thereby to the hair starts coming all the necessary elements from the body. Its components also nourish and strengthen the hair roots and give them a shine and silkiness.

To prepare the masks you need blue clay and warm water. Knead the ingredients and the resulting slurry rub the hair roots. Wrap your head with a plastic bag and a towel on top. An hour later, rinse hair with warm water. It is recommended to do this mask no more than twice a week.

The mask of aloe

Aloe is called a pharmacy in miniature. It is widely used in the beauty industry as the main and auxiliary components for the preparation of a variety of cosmetics. However, the effectiveness of aloe increases several times if it is used in its natural form.

To prepare the masks of aloe, you will need: 1 tbsp. teaspoon fresh juice of aloe, 1 tbsp. tablespoon honey, 1 tbsp. teaspoon fresh juice of onion, 3 tbsp. spoon burdock oil. Heat the mixture in a water bath and apply on hair roots. Throw on top of a plastic bag and wrap head with a towel. Keep the mask for about 1 hour, then rinse with warm water and a mild shampoo solution.

A decoction of nettle and mother and stepmother

Mix the nettle leaves mother and stepmother in equal proportions. On the glass of dry mix one liter of water is taken. Pour boiling water over the grass and let it brew for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse it with broth hair after washing.

Leaves mother and stepmother strengthen the hair bulb and remove dead layers of the epidermis. A nettle gives the hair shine and elasticity.

 How to restore the natural shine of hair at home

Psychotherapy for hair

My grandmother used to say that the hair like children: they need care, affection and attention. Since childhood she was accustomed me to talk with her hair. I advise all those who are dissatisfied with their hair, ask her forgiveness for their hurtful thoughts and words. Wash, comb your hair with love and gratitude. Praise them, and make them compliments as often as possible, and then one day you will be pleasantly surprised by your reflection in the mirror.

These simple tips - the key to beauty, health and shine to your hair. The main thing is not to be lazy and use it as often as possible!

In general, hair care is not such a difficult task. It is only necessary to make it a habit, and then this, at first glance, a tedious procedure, will be a pleasant time Activity.
Author: Nelly Dorofeeva