Learn your hair is better: the facts of which you've never heard before
 Based on the analysis of only one hair, scientists can determine almost every aspect of your health and life. Hair analysis will tell about many things, including what kind of diet you had in the last month, in what region you live in, the hair "will give" you consume drugs, and whether you smoke. And what do you know about your hair?

On the growth of hair

Hair is the second most growing tissue in the human body after the bone marrow. Studies show that men grow hair faster than the fairer sex. And male hair thicker than women's.

Despite the established opinion that cutting the hair accelerates their growth, cutting does not affect the growth or the change in hair texture.

On average, each strand of hair is living 5, 5 years. A hair has a thickness of 0, 02 - 0, 04 mm, so the strand thickness of 1 millimeter may contain from 20 to 50 hairs.

In warm weather, the hair grows faster. Chances are you've noticed it with the resort you can come home with a well regrown hair.

On average, the scalp 100 000 hairs grow. Redheads have more modest figure - 80 thousand, and the blonde in front - 120 thousand.

Hair has a certain strength, and a hair withstand the weight of up to 100 grams! A whole head of hair could hold the weight up to 12 tons, which is a weight equal to the mass of 2 African elephants!

Daily are in hair growth of 90% and 10% at this time "rest." Hair grows at 0, 3 - 0, 5 mm per day, it is about 1 - 1 5 cm per month and from 12 to 15 cm per year. Asians hair grow a bit faster and have the best elasticity of all, but the hair of Africans is more fragile than ours, and grow more slowly. The longest hair in the world was Indian, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its length was 13 feet long hairs, or 4 meters.

 Learn your hair is better: the facts of which you've never heard before

About hair loss

The loss of 100 hairs a day is considered normal. Children are losing an average of 90 hairs a day, and the elderly - up to 120, and.

Age-related changes of hair depends on the race. For example, Hispanics are beginning to turn gray, on average, 34 years old, while the Asians and Africans - in 47. But according to statistics, Asians are less prone to baldness than Africans and Europeans.

Thyroid imbalance and iron deficiency are the causes of hair loss. The reasons for these are reversible, that is, in getting rid of the problem of hair growth resumes. Temporary hair loss can be caused by hormonal imbalances or extreme diets.

False belief that baldness is inherited only through the maternal line. It can be passed from each parent.

Hair loss after childbirth - a natural process. A woman's body during pregnancy produces large amounts of the female hormone estrogen, the hormone under the influence of the hair follicles are in the growth phase. After childbirth hormonal balance is recovered and follicles go into a phase of sharp decline, resulting in the first 2-3 months after birth falls just a lot of hair.

 Learn your hair is better: the facts of which you've never heard before

About Color

Hair color, eye color as well as skin color and is determined by genes. On hair color affects the interaction of the two forms of the pigment (coloring): eumelanin and pheomelanin. The pigments are produced by special cells - melanocytes. As we age, melanocytes decay and hair starts to turn gray, getting white shade.

Dark hair contain higher levels of carbon than blond or brown.

About hair washing

Washing hair is not a health-restoring procedure, oddly enough. To bring health masks, balms and conditioners, but no shampoo. And believes that sometimes combing oils and dirt from the hair is more useful than a wash. By the way, a habit to wash your hair every day or every two days - modern. Even in the middle of the last century, women washed their hair no more often than once a month, and removes dirt and skin oils every night by carefully combing hair. To wash your hair use ordinary alkaline soap, special shampoos appeared in the second half of the 20th century. The first liquid shampoo was released in industrial production in 1952, it was called the "Dop".

Frequent washing does not lead to accelerated loss of hair. But it leads to increased production of oil.

 Learn your hair is better: the facts of which you've never heard before

On the hair care

To have a strong and healthy hair diet should include eggs, salmon, carrots, green vegetables, and vitamins C and D.

More women in the 7th century India used to treat hair almond oil, coconut oil, honey and ghee. And henna. In general, India is the birthplace of everything that is connected with the basic hair care. For example, the modern word "shampoo" has Indian roots, it comes from the "champna", which translates from Hindi as "massage" or "stir."

Split ends of hair can not be recovered, they should be cut off.

About redheads

Red hair - the result of a genetic mutation. This recessive trait may occur within a few generations.

Only 4% of the world population has natural red hair. The highest percentage of redheads lives in Scotland - where 13% of the total population. Ireland - the second country in the number of redheads - where they were 10%. In the US, only 2% of redheads.

In the Middle Ages, women with red hair was considered witches. Other features witches had freckles, moles, warts. About 45,000 red-haired woman paid with their lives for the color of their hair: they were tortured, burned at the stake, drowned in rivers and seas.

Redheads really different from blondes and brunettes. Did you know that they are a little bit different feel pain. For example, it is known that red is less sensitive to the electrically induced pain, but more sensitive to thermal pain.

The first changed its opinion on a red hair color England. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth has become fashionable to imitate red hair - great ladies wore elegant red hair wigs. And in the 1600s there was a belief in fairies, they appear redheads, and thence went belief that women with red hair have a mischievous nature. In Russia, red hair gave clowns. Probably, too, suggesting that red-haired people are cheerful and have a slight temper.
Author: Tamara