Night Care Hair
 For the entire day, the hair exposed to many harmful factors: internal and external. It was only during the night comes free from this. Use the night to help hair recover faster and more effectively to relax. Correct night care - the key to healthy hair day.

The main rule: night care should be regular. Only then can we expect good results. Therefore, make sure that your hair every night received the best of everything.

Silk pillowcases

Silk pillow case - it is not just the secret of our grandmothers, to use a silk pillowcase on the pillow and modern experts advise hair. This material is less abrasive than cotton fabric, ie provides less friction and erasing the surface of the hair. Silk allows the hair to slide across the pillow, without clinging, and not slipping, and it ultimately prevents breakage and hair entanglement.

Another reason - the silk absorbs less moisture, which means no moisture collects hair, but rather allows them to retain moisture. That is, silk pillow case - this kind of hair conditioner.

 Night Care Hair

Silk scarf

Silk scarf or shawl can keep stacking and moisture better than silk pillowcases. This is a good technique if you are traveling and not sure you can always sleep on a silk pillow.

It is not necessary to tie a handkerchief tightly. Silk scarf must be clean and dry. Silk scarf can be used even if there is such as pillowcase. Because the scarf rather protects the laying, maintaining it is called "hair to hair." A pillow case is designed to protect against friction.

 Night Care Hair

Water and locks

This is the secret for those who have hair curls naturally. To preserve the uniform curls curl enough to moisten them. Sprinkle tresses water before bedtime, then cover head shower cap. Top wear a satin scarf or a silk scarf and enjoy a restful sleep. This little trick will help to conserve natural and smooth curls overnight. Try it - and you'll see the difference.

Hairstyles for the night

This is an important element of night care that keeps the hair healthy. Of course, we are not talking about sophisticated styling. Task night hairstyles - let the hair tangle-free and relaxing as possible.

Owners of short hair can leave it as is. That is, they do not need to remove the hair. For long straight hair can advise a low ponytail. This eliminates the matted hair in the morning, to preserve the natural shine. But only one condition: no gum. To remove hair in a ponytail, braid or need to use a tape (preferably silk). Tie is not tight to the hair in the morning left the track on the strings.

If the hair is long and curly, you have to work hard to keep the curls elastic and beautiful. For this you need a little moisture and clips. Choose plastic and lightweight terminals that do not leave traces on the hair. Tighten each curl around your finger and secure the clamp. In the morning you will be enough to remove the pins and shake his head - all curls are well-groomed and neat.

 Night Care Hair

Brushing before bedtime

Once a day the hair styling products were subjected to various, no better way to save them from such products than conventional combing. It is not necessary to seek the notorious 100 combing, but the "work" is necessary to comb. Most of the benefit will brush with natural bristles, large and flat in shape. Scratching not only vycheshet lacquer and styling mousse, and straighten your hair before going to bed, will protect them from damage.

Ventilate the bedroom before going to bed

If the room where you sleep, too warm and stuffy, the hair will lose moisture and become fat, because the pot will be allocated. Very cold air, on the contrary, will make the hair fragile and brittle, and also depriving moisture. The optimum temperature in the bedroom is considered to be 20-22 degrees.

 Night Care Hair

Moisturize before going to bed

There is a moisturizer for the face, but there is a moisturizing night cream and hair. This product is often marketed as a leave-in conditioner, but sometimes it has marked "the cream". Extra moisturizing night will mean that the hair does not lose moisture. And do not be afraid that a moisturizing leave-in hair products make them fat feels. The new formula does not make heavier hair, just better to put them not from the roots, and from the middle of the length of the hair to the tips. The next morning you wake up with a shiny and healthy locks.

If we talk about alternatives to the purchased home moisturizing hair products, you should know about the four most simple and accessible:

- Water.   It would seem that it is easier? Moisturize - means water. And if not enough moisture, so - not enough water. The water must be present in the daily care and diet. Council drink more water during the day and helpful for the hair, and not just for weight loss. Adequate hydration allows the body at night not to draw moisture from the skin and hair.

- Glycerine.   This component helps attract moisture from the environment, and does not provide its own moisture to evaporate. Glycerin can be bought at any pharmacy at affordable price. You can add it in shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays. And before going to sleep, try this simple recipe: Add glycerin to the water, plug the composition in a spray bottle, and treat your hair before going to bed. Quite a few drops of glycerin on the bottle. By the way, for such natural moisturizers include honey, try honey spray before bedtime (honey + water).

- Aloe vera.   It is a natural moisturizer and pH balancer hair. It does not matter what you use, the juice or gel - the same properties. Add the aloe vera sprays, air conditioners, which use at bedtime.

- Oils. Vegetable oils have good moisturizing properties. If you plan to wash your hair in the morning, you can even enjoy a night of heavy oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or avocado. But if you have a goal just to retain its moisture, then take a look at this product as "dry oil", he does not weigh down the hair and makes them fat.
Author: Tamara