Peeling the skin of the head: why is it needed and what is the
 Cleanse the skin with a peel - known and familiar event, which is used by us to maintain the beauty of face and body. But almost always overlooked is the scalp. But she also needs regular exfoliation of dead cells. Hair does not please us with their condition, if the pores are clogged scalp. Let's take a look at how the procedure is carried out such peeling and what he is good.

What gives systematic cell shedding scalp:

• you feel a fresh and clean skin will, in fact be removed excess sebum and impenetrable "shell" of the remains of shampoos, conditioners, styling agents;

• blood flow to the roots of the increase, which means that they are better fed. As a result, hair will shine, to grow faster and become stronger;

• accelerates cell division, which means that the skin becomes head
will be updated and will be healthier;

• disappear signs of dandruff, greasy hair normal, they will cease to fall;

• mask balms will operate effectively.

There was a desire to personally experience the validity of the miracle treatments? You have 3 choices: do it in a beauty salon, buy a special tool to use at home, or make your own hands if you are a supporter of natural methods of care.

 Peeling the skin of the head: why is it needed and what is the

We go to a beauty salon

Price any barber shop with a wide range of services will give you the presence of this procedure. Only the most likely, it will be included in the comprehensive care of hair and will be one of its elements.
Depending on the needs of your hair will be picked up by a number of professional tools. These may include in its structure the essential oils, proteins, trace elements and antifungal components for humidification, etc.

 Peeling the skin of the head: why is it needed and what is the

Normally, the following steps:

1) applying the composition of the peeling skin and hair;

2) professional massage your scalp for half an hour;

3) flushing peeling shampoo;

4) the application of a special mask;

5) final washing, drying and styling.

Be prepared to pay for this pleasure 1, 5-3 ths. Rubles.

We use a special tool house

Purchase exfoliating composition for the hair can be puzzled in a specialty store for hairdressers and directly into the cabin. Choose release form means in dependence on the preferences: in the form of a shampoo, masks, serums, lotions, etc.

Check the labels: the presence of microgranules will mechanically deliver the scalp of dirt and "shell" of the dead cells. If it is composed of alcohol and the like active elements, they will be chemically clean the cover of the head. There are variants of mixed peel. Price question - 700-2000 rubles. The difference depends on the value of the brand and packaging components.

 Peeling the skin of the head: why is it needed and what is the

Cheap and cheerful - peeling salt

Please note:   the presence of wounds, cuts, delicate skin of the head is not suitable for salt peeling. If everything is OK, then let's start:

1. Take 2-5 tablespoons fine salt to your taste and fill it with warm water in the same volume;

2. Gently begin to rub the water and salt cocktail moisturized skin. For this phase, only 10 minutes;

3. 7-10 minutes keeping the mixture on your head, then wash off with shampoo;

4. To heighten the effect, you can put your favorite mask.

 Peeling the skin of the head: why is it needed and what is the

Hold the salt exfoliation is recommended once a week for 2 months. After 2-3 months, you can re-think about it and resume cycle. All the pleasure will cost you in the cost of a pack of salt.

Pamper your hair not only the expensive shampoos and balms. Do not forget about the regular thorough cleaning of the scalp by means of peeling. And what you choose for this vehicle - or household budget more expensive of the cabin - not so important. The main thing - a pleasant sensation from the procedure.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya