Pleasant to touch, beautiful to look at: hair care in winter
 Despite the time of year for the window, every woman wants to look amazing! Who among us does not dream of coming to work or returning home, bring down gorgeous head of hair over her shoulders, freeing them from under the hood or hat ?! It seems, from the luxurious head of hair shine circle becomes lighter and warmer!

But only a real woman knows what price are the envious glances of colleagues and loving gaze of men. Here are a few secrets that should be adopted in order to maintain or improve the condition of your hair in the winter season. Their main advantage - in simplicity: to use these tips into practice - you do not need a few extra hours a week to care for the hair. Just a little change (or correct) their habits - and enjoy your hair shiny and healthy, even in the frosty time!

Perezimuem ...

Winter worthy to survive - not to shop for some bread to go!

On the one hand, without a hat freezing head, and therefore hard for, and the hair follicles, which impairs growth and increases brittleness. On the other hand, under the hat hair is quickly becoming fat and lose its shine and healthy appearance. What to choose?

There is an alternative: best throw on the hair an elegant (but warm!) shawl . And the head is warm, and the hair will not be as compressed, and the roots will stay longer fresh and clean.

 Pleasant to touch, beautiful to look at: hair care in winter

Remember that under no circumstances you can not go outside with wet hair in the winter Let "the whole world can wait," but see your strands at best - dry! - A.

Top hairdressers winter not recommended to expose the hair cruel procedures: chemical perms and coloring . This creates an additional burden on the hair. In an extreme case hair tinting paints bezammiachnymi .

For this reason, Avoid drying hair dryer, straightening their utjuzhkom .

Clean feathers?

Beautiful hair - hair clean. But winter does not get too zealous. Wash your hair no more than 2 - 3 times a week While better if the washing would occur slightly cool water.

 Pleasant to touch, beautiful to look at: hair care in winter

Choose restorative shampoos   based on extracts of burdock and thistles - these plants are adequately take care of your hair.

Do not forget balms . Particularly useful are those that should be applied to clean hair for 15-20 minutes. Effectively resort ampoule and treatment Which recently gaining momentum.

At home, it would be appropriate periodic to massage the skin at the roots To stimulate the growth of hair and reduce their fragility. And for the scalp is - I wish procedure!

 Pleasant to touch, beautiful to look at: hair care in winter

Comb hair wood, not plastic or iron comb . Winter is not the best time for disastrous hair fleece and varnishes for use superstrong fixing - leave such preening for the warm season. Save your hair, causing the hair to much publicized lacquer can, but to preserve the health of hair - will not succeed.

 Pleasant to touch, beautiful to look at: hair care in winter

The tail pipe!

Pamper your hair masks hair homemade:
Honey mask : Mix in a ratio of 1: 1, honey and olive oil and apply on the roots of the hair for 20 minutes.

Egg Mask 1 tsp olive oil, mix with egg (for dry hair ispolzuytetolko yolk for fat - protein). Apply for 15 - 20 minutes.

Beauty comes from within

Beauty and health of the hair depends not only on the cost and quality of your shampoo balm and a mask. It is also important as what you eat Arrives Does your body enough vitamins . To please your hair, you can adopt a simple rule: most (at least 3-4 times a week) eat lean fish, meat, lots of vegetables, herbs, fruits, vitamins A, B and C. For the health of the hair is also useful zinc, niacin, or at worst, fish oil capsules.

 Pleasant to touch, beautiful to look at: hair care in winter

That being said, the details. But precisely because of such trifles, and is the world, right? What to say about beauty!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya