Products for hair care: Step by Step
 What used first: styling product or finish, oil or air conditioner? How to dispose of a huge arsenal of hair that we offer modern cosmetic industry?

Remember the sequence from which a variety of media, and then you get the maximum benefit from them and as a result - a healthy and thick hair. Tips gives famous celebrity hairdresser Jacqueline Bush (one of its star clients - Gwyneth Paltrow).

Step 1. Products Scalp

First of all, it is, of course, oil for hair and scalp. The application of oil helps other products work better, it gives extra strength hair roots. When using oil, apply on the scalp, leave for a few minutes and then rinse your hair with water.

Hair masks - this is also the products that are used first of all. Some mistakenly believe that any balm for hair done in 1-2 minutes, and left for 15-20 minutes, will run as a mask. This is a misconception. The ingredients do not penetrate deep into the balsam hair, so it should be used as a conditioning product after washing. By the way, the mask can be used as a balm, if you put it on a couple of minutes to clean hair.

Despite the fact that this step number one, do not start with a daily care. Step 1 is applied 1 time a week.

Step 2. Shampoo

Choose the formula that suits your hair type (for colored, for extra volume for fat, for climbing, etc.). Apply shampoo on the scalp, it needs cleansing and stimulating. Spread the rest of the shampoo hair. One of the common mistakes - use too much shampoo. Most stylists recommend washing your hair with a very small amount of detergent, hair of medium length - is the number of size of a large coin.

 Products for hair care: Step by Step

Step shampoo should be applied several times a week, optimally - every other day.   And even if you have had an intense dance class, do not wash your hair more often. After fitness to remove the sweat from the hair and scalp can be rinsing head under hot running water. And no shampoo! Then apply conditioner on the ends of the hair and then rinse with warm water. This will keep your hair healthy, strong, fresh and fragrant, even after hard training.

Step 3. Air

Buy air conditioner of the same brand as the shampoo. And best of all - from the same product line. Air conditioner should be applied first to the ends, and then distribute up until processed by three-quarters of the length of the hair. Then rinse with water. Never apply conditioner to the hair roots, especially if you have thin hair, it will deprive them of elasticity and volume.

 Products for hair care: Step by Step

Air conditioner should be used even more frequently than the shampoo.   Though every day! And in between washing the head.

Step 4. styling tools

This mousse, gel, cream styling. Start the application from the back, avoiding hair roots. Then spread over the entire length. Styling tools can be applied on wet and dry hair. Effectively applied to wet hair (slightly dried naturally), while the product is fully develop their capabilities during installation.

Styling tools work best on clean hair. On the hair, which had been washed days ago, mousses and gels can also be applied, but you need to pre-rinse styling products left over from yesterday. Rinse with warm water can be simply, without the use of detergents.

 Products for hair care: Step by Step

Step 5: Smoothing Products

After the hair became dry to 40-50%, products can be applied for smoothing and protection against pushing (scrolling) hair or unruly hair. It should be a small amount of product. When applied to wet hair there is a risk to put too much of the product, and then the hair will be greasy. Therefore, stylists often advised to apply smoothing means for semi-dry hair.

Step 6. Finishing Products

It means laying the finishing and fixing it. These include serum for shine, lipstick for texturing, hairspray. Finishing means you can take it in her purse, and apply a little during the day. However, to observe moderation. Too much hairspray did not provide a more stable fixation. On the other hand, maybe the opposite effect - the hair cease to pack, weighing, packing lose.

 Products for hair care: Step by Step

A few words about drying hair

Jacqueline Bush warns us against two major mistakes when drying hair dryer. The first - to begin drying with a round brush. Round brush is designed to complete the installation. Start standing with a flat brush. This brush lift the hair at the roots. Once the hair is 85% dry, you can start laying a round brush. This will make a smooth curls and voluminous hair.

 Products for hair care: Step by Step

The second error - start to the finish or the means to go out before the hair is completely cool. You have to give time to cool down the hair, because the heat gives the scalp, hair roots, for a while the temperature remains within each hair. Cooling helps keep hair styling for a long time, to make it more resistant.
Author: Tamara