Protecting hair from the sun: prevention and treatment
 When we talk about protecting the skin from the sun, it's simple: it is enough to buy a sunscreen and use make-up with filters SPF, and the skin will become beautiful and even tan without burning. But how to protect your hair?

Fortunately, the hair is not red and not hurt the skin when the sun's rays damage them. But this does not mean that the sun does not destroy them. Especially dangerous rays are open for colored or damaged hair already. There is also the risk of getting burned scalp. But the owners of healthy hair do not relax. The sun breaks down the keratin in the hair, and with it you can lose the beauty of their hair.

Obviously, the hair in the summer need special protection. Here is the full arsenal of prevention and treatment of problems of the summer.

1. For curly hair

Curly hair indicate that the sun begins to break down when the curl begins to lose its elasticity, sometimes completely disappears wave and hair in general, become more brittle and unmanageable. Such a reaction of hair means that the UVA rays damage not only the outer layer of the hair, but also begins the destruction of the inner layer, the cuticle can burn, damaged cells that give curly hair elasticity, strength and curl.

 Protecting hair from the sun: prevention and treatment

Treatment.   If the trouble has occurred, immediately buy a leave-in conditioner. This product penetrates the cuticle, its effect lasts for almost the entire day. The leave-in conditioner should be such as panthenol ingredient that makes the delicate curls more elastic and less prone to breakage.

Prevention.   To prevent future damage there are some tips:

- Wear Daily Conditioner, it better preserves the moisture of the hair.

- Look out for shampoos and conditioners containing oils. Oil helps prevent hair breakage and preserve the natural oils of the scalp.

- If you are planning a long stay in the sun, apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair labeled "sun", in such products contain UVA / UVB filters and antioxidants that block the action of free radicals. Act as antioxidants such as green tea ingredients, organic vegetable oils.

2. Dry Hair

If you have not suffered from dry hair, but the hair was dry in the summer - it is likely the result of exposure to sunlight. Especially those suffering dyed hair, or subjected to chemical treatment. These manipulations make the surface of the hair more porous, so they quickly lose moisture. The main symptom of dehydration of hair - long time of drying after a shower, it means that the hair does not retain moisture.

 Protecting hair from the sun: prevention and treatment

Treatment.   Hair again to help keep moisture inside. To do this, a sort of "seal" the cuticle. With this handle hair mask deep moisturizing. As part of such masks may be olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil. The longer you can keep the hair moisturizing mask, the better the effect. Sometimes you can practice night masks and body wraps.

Prevention.   Help hair retain moisture can sunscreen spray conditioner for hair. Such a product is composed of not only the UVA / UVB filters, and vitamin supplements, oils and decoctions of herbs for additional moistening of the hair.

3. For colored hair

If you dye your hair, the sun - your enemy number one in the summer. UVA rays damage the color pigments. Incidentally, not only in the dye pigments, but pigments own. Proof of this is the fact that in September, natural hair color, usually one shade lighter than at the beginning of the summer. Dyed hair are particularly vulnerable to the sun, because together with the color of the sun and destroys the structure of the hair. Grey hair is also affected, as painted - they turn yellow, change their noble platinum color.

 Protecting hair from the sun: prevention and treatment

Treatment.   If the hair is yellow (this is important for the blondes and gray-haired), you should choose ... purple shampoo. Yes, purple. For example, such as John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo with color correction function, which neutralizes unpleasant yellowness. These purple foods absorb ultraviolet rays and emit blue and white cold light, the hair become brighter and lost their "roasted" effect. For brunettes yellowing problem is not as acute, but still exists. If your hair is more dark red than brown, try toning or tsvetokorrektiruyuschy shampoo.

Prevention.   As a precaution to protect the colors should be applied daily leave-in conditioner to protect hair color. Strengthen the protection of styling tool with the function of protection from UV rays and heat protection properties (such as hairspray or styling spray).

4. Scalp

Itching and flaking of the scalp is clearly talking about the damage. If you use drugs like tetracycline antibiotics - you know, they make the skin very sensitive to the sun. It happens at owners of light skin and fine hair. So you best help the headgear.

 Protecting hair from the sun: prevention and treatment

Treatment.   If you peel off the skin on the ears and on the hairline, it is enough sunscreen. Many of these vulnerabilities are passed to the sun skin. In case when applying sunscreen scalp and ears blushes from sun protection should increase, find products with a higher SPF. Reddened scalp to receive medical treatment nourishing mask deep action - it needs to be done once a week. In the sun - Protect your head with a handkerchief or a hat, and while swimming in the pool or in the sea - put on your head (especially in the roots of the hair and scalp), the same nourishing mask.

Prevention.   On the scalp can be applied sunscreen. For this purpose, sponge or sponge. And do not forget about re-applying means after each swim. Dry shampoo - one more tool that will protect the scalp and leave the hair feeling greasy. Some beauticians believe that the scalp can be applied sunscreen lip balms - they do not leave traces of oil and can be used in dot (brush or Stick), without affecting the hair roots.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin