Rusty braid to her waist ... part 2
 So you want to grow hair? Note that for the year hair grow 10-12 cm in spring and summer growing actively. This figure can be increased to 30%, only need a systematic approach to achieving the goal.

Let's start with the food.   What products should be present in the daily menu, and how they can help hair growth?

Beauty Hair requires the same diet as for the beauty of the skin, nails and overall health of the body. It should be a reasonable balanced diet. Still, you can select foods rich in animal and plant proteins, wholemeal bread, porridge from large fractions of different grains, vegetable fibers, fish and seafood, beef liver, vegetable oil, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs. Of course, vegetables and fruits. Legumes, buckwheat and oatmeal.

Hair just need copper, zinc, sulfur, selenium and silicon; B vitamins, vitamins C, A and E. If for some reason you can not organize a variety of food, it is reasonable to purchase a vitamin complex, having a part of these substances. Subject to low-calorie diets, such additive is a must. Now a lot of vitamin and mineral complexes that are well marked - for hair, skin and nails.

Be sure to use in cooking (especially salads) olive, corn or linseed oil. In general, very well reconsider its power to increase the share of raw fruits and vegetables, at least 60%. Carrots can be eaten without limit.

Ideal for the power to enter the menu of hair sprouted grains. It is simple and does not take much time: just rinse well and soak in a little water wheat, peas, alfalfa, raw sunflower seeds. You can use seeds in proklёvyvaniya stage, and you can wait for the sprouts begin to shape the growing stem, 1-3 cm. Germinated seeds are composed of a huge amount of vitamins and natural immunomodulators. This additive is useful not only for the hair and skin, general condition and health of the whole body.

 Rusty braid to her waist ... part 2

For hair growth requires water, so you need to drink at least six glasses a day. Good to drink during the day more and juices, green tea. Try to drink Rooibos (rooibos). This is a very valuable drink, with unique properties.

Now let's talk about external opportunities and stimulate the hair root.

 Rusty braid to her waist ... part 2
 • Combing.   Hair should be carefully comb, smooth movements in different directions. 15-20 movements in the same direction. You need a good comb to comb with a smooth surface without chipping and roughness, better than wood or bone. You can then comb through with a soft brush massage. Brushes and combs should be clean, so you need to have a few pieces.

• Massage.   Yes, a simple massage fingers effectively promotes growth. You do not need a special time, just a slow circular motion gently promyat scalp. Massage can be done in the evening, for 10-15 minutes. Daily or once or twice a week, before washing hair. You can add the massage liquid red pepper, quite a bit, for a warming effect. With daily massaging good use of the herbal tincture, herbal decoction, tea infusion. If you have to wash the head, it is possible to take burdock, castor, linseed, olive oil.

Very good effect gives a massage, if the roots of the hair moisten beer and add a little salt. After the procedure, the hair rinse well. Beer scrub promotes the growth and strengthening.

 Rusty braid to her waist ... part 2
 • Wash my hair   It should be the extent of pollution, but optimally 1-2 times a week. Daily washing dries hair, deprives them of their natural defenses. After washing should not be just to comb wet hair or twist into a tight knot, drying hot hair dryer or above heat-generating appliances. Correctly give the hair to dry naturally, spreading his hands.

• The power of hair to effectively exercise masks . The most effective components for masks, promotes hair growth:

- Bran, rye bread
- Onion gruel
- Crushed leaves of aloe
- Brewer's yeast
- olive oil
- egg yolk
- rolled oats
- Cognac, honey
- Ginger (Fresh or Dried)

Mix a few components from this list, you'll get an excellent stimulating mask. Dame a few options.

- Shredded onion, honey, egg yolk, bran.
- Crushed leaves of aloe vera, honey, cognac, bran.
- Oatmeal, yogurt, olive oil.
- Rye bread, soaked in a heated beer, egg yolk.

Masks should be gruel comfortable temperature, applied to two or three hours, a scarf and warm waterproof wrap. The smell of onions is neutralized by copious rinsing with warm water with apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of dry mustard powder. After a couple of minutes, rinse with clean water. But in any case, to apply the mask onion better if not an important meeting.

 Rusty braid to her waist ... part 2
 • Rinsing . Do not be lazy to cook herbal decoction for rinsing hair after washing. This tool is worth the effort. The fact that the shampoo does not nourish hair. The most that can be expected that it does not hurt. Therefore, rinse herbal decoction serves as an excellent food source for growth.

What herbs to brew? It hops, nettle, chamomile, oak bark. Very good boiled burdock root, birch leaves and buds of coniferous trees. Just brew boiling water and then five minutes on low heat. When broth is cooled down to 40 degrees, and can drain the go wash my hair. In one liter of boiling water 1-2 tablespoons of herbal teas. Ottsezhenny infusion dilute to the required amount of rinsing.

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Author: Tamara Rozinsky