Several ways of dyeing at home
 Highlights - is one of the most difficult ways of hair coloring. It lies in the fact that the chemical color exposed only selected strands, and the rest of the head of hair is left intact. Today, highlighting procedure is available to all women and men. It can be done at any barber shop or beauty salon and even at home.

Highlights as a separate type of hair, appeared in the 20th century. Fashion historians attribute this event with two renowned personalities: Jacques Dessange and Brigitte Bardot. According to legend, it Dessange first applied this method of hair color on a model of Bordeaux. This innovation was immediately noted progressive women of fashion in France. At first, only the most affluent segments of European society could afford such a trendy hairstyle.

Types of dyeing. Its poles and cons

In dyeing, like any hairstyle, there are pluses and minuses. Before you decide on this type of coloring, they must be very well understood.

Properly made highlighting gives hair the appearance of additional volume. Hair look more smooth and well-groomed. Update color highlighting possible at intervals of 2-3 months, which saves not only time but also money. Moreover, it is very good disguises gray hair. Many women dream of being a blonde, but are afraid to move to the right white. Highlights perfect help to get used to a new way.

But it has its drawbacks. It is contraindicated for brittle and damaged hair. Therefore, prior to the application they need to heal. Moreover, highlighting time is about 4-5 hours. It is not always appropriate and convenient. Highlighting is not recommended on freshly painted hair, as well as hair, dyed with henna, as they may get unwanted shade of green.

Modern hairdressing skills experts continue to search for better technologies highlighting. Create new kinds of colors and methods of their application. To date, there are several most popular types of highlighting: the classical and the US.
Classic highlights - a simple single pryadok discoloration of hair, and the US - staining, using a multi-colored foil and uniform colors.

 Several ways of dyeing at home

Highlights at home

Thanks to modern means of coloring highlights and it is now possible to do at home, both independently and with the help of friends. Meliruyas home, you can greatly save time and money. Many of the materials are made of easily available tools, and you only need to buy a brush for painting, as well as a comb. A set of other instruments depends on your type of dyeing.

Classic highlights

For "feathers" in the simplest way you need only a few rubber bands. This type of dyeing is only suitable for short hair and medium length.

Divide the head into several zones, preferably at the place of parting. In each area make the required number of thin tails. Prepare the dye and apply it with a brush on the tips of the tails. (Paint or bleach keep the hair in accordance with the instructions). Without removing gum, rinse the chemical composition from the hair. If highlighting turned smooth and does not require additional refinement, the hair should be washed with mild shampoo solution.

This kind of highlighting creates the effect of regrown hair - strands at the roots darker than the ends. For those who are not afraid to experiment, you can play with colors. So the use of darker colors, than at the base of the roots and create an interesting effect of the veil through a more intense color outside of the hair.

 Several ways of dyeing at home

Instead of gum can be used polyethylene film.

Clearly fix it on his head and a hook for knitting or combs for painting, performing holes, pull the strands at the surface of the film. Further clarification should be standard procedure.
These two methods are only used when dyeing bleaching or coloring strands in a uniform color. If you want to use multiple colors, then you need to use foil or parchment paper. This type is called a graduated highlighting.

Graduated highlights

Divide the hair into four zones: the temporal, parietal and occipital. Prepare the necessary solutions and start coloring. It should start with the lower strand. In the foil or parchment lay a strand of hair, apply the paint and cover the remaining piece of material. Make sure that all strands of each zone were on the same level. Each level is painted in a single tone. After staining, rinse solutions small amount of shampoo and dry the hair dryer to fix the color.

When graded highlights recommended to use 2 to 5 colors. The longer the hair, the more colors you can use. Today, more than ever in fashion naturalness! Choosing the right tone at the highlights, you can easily achieve this effect.

For example, fans of the solar image, you can mix the following shades: dark brown, light brown, dark brown, muted brass, with ebbs and warm gold. Hair will look natural, as if they were a little burnt out in the sun. You can choose any other color. The main thing to remember about the combination of colors to each other.

 Several ways of dyeing at home

Additional care for Highlighted Hair

Dyed hair requires a special care for. If possible, every procedure, wash your hair, try to use specific means of sparing. This is all kinds of shampoos based on natural ingredients, balms and masks. You can also refer to traditional medicines. Well, it is best to consult a specialist and follow its recommendations.
Author: Nelly Dorofeeva