Stretching ... hair color?
 Good to be blond and striking blonde be doubly beneficial: you're always in the spotlight, and associates treat you leniently. But to maintain a well-groomed blond hair on - it is laborious, and costly. Roots grow with surprising speed, and they regularly (sometimes several times a month!) Clarification of healthy hair adds.

As a result, paint, tint balms, softening mask for hair and hairdresser flies a lot of money, but in the end the comb is more lost hair, hair with each painting becoming drier and less rapidly beginning to resemble a washcloth. Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror, and there is the insatiable desire to collect all the tow-dried blond and shave in a bun at the root!

With the advent of technology highlighting blonde little exhaled with relief. This method allows even color of the hair to remain unpainted and save them live a healthy shine. Yes, and Highlighted Hair growing roots are not as fast as the full blondirovanie became visible. But with repeated highlighting rare master managed to maintain a uniform distribution of light-colored hair. After a few applications of this technology inevitably becomes overly bright and over-dried hair ends and unnatural zebropodobnye roots.

Technology brondirovanie, toning and coloring partially coped with this problem and given the chance to hair "breathe" and healthier. Yes, in the end you're not 100 percent radiant Blondie, and can only partially identify themselves as add-on, but the hair looks much more natural and well-groomed.

Today, there is another technology that combines the ability to still be Blondie, and restore the health of your hair at the same time. And her name - stretching hair color.
This revolutionary new way of painting is that the roots of the master segment paints over dark paint shade that most closely matches your natural hair color. Then a dark segment gradually beginning to shift to the roots in a lighter shade. Thus, it appears that the transition from dark to light if stretched across the length of the hair.

 Stretching ... hair color?

The ladies often complain that with his natural hair color of their skin looks pale, the eyes - inexpressive. But it does not want to spoil the health of the hair, even partial blondirovanie. Stretching hair color - is precisely the method of coloring, which cause the skin to start playing a new, profitable shading her eyes color and underline, and the hair will keep intact. Hair will look well-groomed, natural, and new color will make you irresistible.

In addition, stretching the hair color does not require frequent updates. Due to the fact that the roots of the hair coloring comes to your natural shade, growing hair invisible and do not create the effect of unkempt slovenliness and hair color.

This stretch of hair color - is an absolute novelty. It is not like any of the previously popular ways of painting: highlights, brondirovanie, coloring, shading, etc. However, the effect of stretching the hair color is most noticeable on long hair, while short haircut Wizard's nothing to deploy the technology. Although, if a short hairstyle leave flirty elongated strands, then they can try to stretch the hair color. It turns out pretty cool:

 Stretching ... hair color?

The only drawback of stretch marks hair color - the difficulty in order to reproduce and maintain it themselves at home. Here it is necessary to trust the real professional! But, unfortunately, not many masters, in principle, already aware of and comfortable with the new. Hence, the risk of getting not spectacular stretch of hair color, and too sharp transitions between shades and the effect of the grown unkempt hair, like this:

 Stretching ... hair color?

So you will have to try to find a hairdresser who will take you to do stretching hair color.

But the irrepressible coming spring, exciting in us a passion for change and renewal, will overcome all the difficulties, will find the way to the successful implementation of the planned experimental fashion. And when the time comes to tear off bored during the winter hats have the most dedicated fashionistas on their heads, I'm sure, will be fine stretch of hair color.
Author: Natalia Hryshko