The bright color of your hair
 Every woman at least once in his life experimenting with the color of their hair. The bravest dare to bright shades of hair color and become the owner of a saturated color that attracts attention and does not get lost in the crowd. But even in the pursuit of a new stylish way do not forget about safety coloring, which begins with the selection of hair dyes.

Of course, if you decide to radically change hair color, in this case, better to turn to an experienced hairdresser colorist and use professional paint in a beauty salon. If you have to paint your hair at home, then give preference to modern colors without ammonia, which do not cause serious harm to the hair.

How does our hair take on a new and bright color?

Healthy hair have a smooth surface, which consists of tightly contiguous scales of the hair cuticle. It is this surface protects the hair shaft from damage. If used for the staining resistant paint, the color pigment penetrates deep into the hair and replaces the natural pigment of the new color. Due to the impact of paint, hair scales are lifted and the hair becomes brittle and split. After coloring the hair is very vulnerable to external damage, so hairdressers are advised not to expose them for several days after the staining effects of salt or chlorinated water, as well as protection from aggressive sunlight.

 The bright color of your hair

Modern paints

can withstand up to 28 shampoo, but immediately after coloring your hair is better not to wash as long as possible. Of course, no one is forced to go with a dirty head, but after the staining procedure the first two days they salted a lot less, so that sustain a small pause between washing heads can be without any problems. This time is necessary to coloring pigment better entrenched, and then stayed a little longer.

Prerequisite secure staining is strict adherence to the instructions supplied with the paint. If you decide to dye your hair for the first time, to begin with, choose a shade close to natural. Typically paint is applied to dry unwashed hair and kept time specified in the instructions. After shampooing the hair is better not to wipe and soak a towel, comb them is possible only after drying.

Very often women complain that the resulting color is far from the model that is present on the package. But do not forget that the final result depends on the initial color of the hair. To get an idea of ​​colors that you expect to learn more about the reverse side of the package of hair dye, which is usually located circuit starting and ending colors. If you still are not sure what color will just be what you need, you can try to paint the first few strands of hair.

Also Heed time keeping paint in the hair, as less time application may instead make you the owner of blonde or reddish yellow hair. Exceeding the time of exposure can be very detrimental to the condition of the hair.

 The bright color of your hair
 Staining of gray

If the hair color has become a necessity because of the gray, then you need to know what only by proof paint. Sedin pretty hard to give in painting over because gray hair is almost no melanin, and after the staining is it absorbs pigments. Moreover, gray hair scales do not abut tightly to the rod, and of which the paint washed out much faster. In order to better stained gray hair, it is impossible to reduce the exposure time of paint, and the need to strictly maintain the specified time in the instructions.

For colored hair longer retain their color, you need to go to a specialized cosmetics for dyed hair. Such cosmetic products are generally soft, dampening and contain many nutrients. The usual means, especially deep mask steps can actively flush pigments as to penetrate deeply into the hair structure.

 The bright color of your hair
 Staining long and thick hair

If the resulting color after dyeing turned out uneven, which is especially important when long and thick hair, paint procedure should be repeated. It is better if it is done by a professional hairdresser, as solid colors such hair alone is difficult. For regrowth can use natural tint balms, which can hide the sharp boundary between the color of the bulk of the hair and regrowth.

Toning balsams help reduce the frequency of staining and maintain a beautiful hair color. If the alignment of the color ink is used, then it should be applied only on the hair roots.

Whatever the color of your hair you choose, the important thing is to paint was quality, the painting was done professionally, and further hair care was a regular, and using a special series of products for colored hair. The only way to ensure a bright color and health of your hair.
Author: Natalia Biatova