The first gray: what to do?
 Gray hair - the famous sign of aging. However, the first gray hairs may appear quite early, even before the onset of wrinkles. Bad mood, insecurity, apathy - it can accompany the first gray hair. Should I just write themselves into an old woman, if you can effectively deal with the situation?

Sedin said the lack of melanin pigments in the hair. Causes of gray hair can be very different: age, genetics, chemical changes or the environment. The problem is that the natural way to increase the amount of melanin is impossible. Therefore, getting gray hair, the whole strategy is reduced to disguise, hiding gray hair. There are several ways that help to do it. Before you 6 main secrets, select your own.

1. Tearing gray hair

If you see the first gray hair, it can be very simple - to pull out a hair sharp movement. And forget about it. 2-3 pluck hairs a day - this is not critical impact on the density of the hair, because a healthy person loses per day to 100 hairs. However, it is clear that when you see more than one, or even five gray hairs, but a whole strand of the strategy with the ejection does not fit. We will find other ways.

 The first gray: what to do?

2. Hair Mascara

Cosmetic industry generously responded to the desire of women to cover white hair and thin strands. There was a whole generation of new products: the mascara for hair, hair marker, pen hair, colored mousses ... These products are kept only until the next hair wash, they should be re-applied after each wash. Mascara hair intended for masking individual hairs, while the marker liquid paint can and a small strand, it is a liquid product such as liquid eye liner. Mousse acts like any other styling mousse, only has some shade. He paints the gray hair is worse, but weak graying effective.

 The first gray: what to do?

 The first gray: what to do?

Ink, markers, lipstick hair are very extreme bright colors, imitating coloring with crayons, but there are shades of gray, and for painting: brown, black, red - you can pick up the tone-on-tone to your natural hair color. By the way, as a token of mascara or hair, you can use the same products, but intended for the eyelashes or eyebrows.

 The first gray: what to do?

3. Rinse hair

This technique also applies to the next shower. Such rinsing sometimes resort to preserve the color of colored hair. But the method for adjusting the gray suit. The reception is to add a little paint in a shampoo or use a ready-coloring shampoo. And every time you wash the hair you "paint" his gray hairs. The method is not stable, but its advantage is that it absolutely does not damage the hair and scalp.

 The first gray: what to do?

4. Semi-permanent hair color

This embodiment staining that is not washed off when washing hair, but is more gentle as compared with a permanent. Polupermanent (dye labeled Ā«semi-permanentĀ») gives healthy hair color and shine, but lasts a maximum of 12 applications shampoo.

 The first gray: what to do?

This paint can be purchased for home use, or painted polupermanentom in the cabin. You may have doubts - whether to use polupermanentom, because if you wash your hair every other day, the paint will not last a month on hair. Is it profitable, given that the cost of polupermanenta is almost the same as in the paint rack? The advantage is. You will be a lot easier to go back to its color, no problem contrasting regrown hair roots and unkempt appearance. So - consider the option of semiproof staining.

5. Persistent dye

This method uses the strong concentration of hydrogen peroxide, to obtain a permanent result. It is clear that it is more dangerous to the state of the hair the way, although staining will last longer (more than 24 applications shampoo).

One piece of advice - use the help of a professional. Salon painting lasts longer client salons confirm this. In addition, the dyes used in salons and caring means of higher quality that will reduce the damage caused to the hair while coloring.

 The first gray: what to do?

Many are worried about the problem when the roots grow and create the kind of hair is not attractive. There are a few simple tips:

- Repainting spend feathers or strands from roots

- Avoid hairstyles as a ponytail or a bundle - tightened border find hair dyed and regrown hair;

- Use the volume styling or curly hair, black or gray roots will almost imperceptibly;

- Re-staining it is equally important to do the same in the cabin, and it is desirable to have the same master, then he will be able to find the right concentration and shades of colors, so as not to hurt the hair;

- Use conditioning products that add shine - highlights on the hair dye to hide the border.

 The first gray: what to do?

6. Take your gray hair

Consider the possibility that perhaps no complexes about his gray hair - take it once and for all. If you work on your image and style, gray hair can add glamor and elegance. Gray hair, as a rule, are women with olive or dark skin color. But watch out for constant hydration gray hair to make it look natural, not lifeless. To do this once a week, use a deep conditioner action.

 The first gray: what to do?

Author: Tamara